Secret Training

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The Brief

Secret Training is a sports nutrition company, manufacturing energy drinks, protein drinks and race day kits for cyclists, marathon runners, triathletes and other endurance sports enthusiasts. They asked I-COM to improve the revenue they generate through their website and to help raise brand awareness.

The Challenges

The installation of Magento was flawed, and the site itself had very little content. In addition, the design constrained our ability to make wholesale changes. Despite this, we had a 3-month trial period in which to demonstrate that the web could be a good source of revenue.

The Approach

I-COM attacked the problem on two fronts, firstly, with a PR campaign targeting sites outside the cycling industry - an industry already aware of the brand - and secondly, by making changes to the site structure, the page content and small design tweaks to improve the user experience and to enable visitors to find the right products more easily. Our changes included creating a product category hierarchy, adding descriptive category content and creating an infographic to explain the difference between the various nutritional products in order to help people order the right mix.

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Improved Filtering

Expanding Audience

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Secret Training - The Outcome

The Outcome

The new navigation, combined with a site that was visually easier to read led to a 198.77% increase in the conversion rate. The combination of increased brand visibility off-site and the new site structure which enabled visitors to browse more easily led to a 157.14% increase in transactions and a 35.82% increase in revenue.

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The Impact

Brand Attic, despite a slow start, smashed their revenue targets and, as a result, have set even more ambitious goals for 2016, raising marketing budgets to ensure the goals will be met.

Secret Training
  • E-Commerce Conversion Rate 198.77%
  • Transactions 157.14
  • Revenue 35.82%