Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

Case Study

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors is a specialist law firm that provides legal services and advice to clients who have been affected by botched cosmetic surgeries or by aesthetic treatments that have gone wrong.

The Challenge

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors enlisted our help in creating a new website to replace their outdated one, and also to deliver a marketing campaign to help drive the brand forward and grow their business.

Their previous website looked outdated, wasn’t user friendly, and didn’t attract the right kind of traffic, which meant most visitors to the site bounced away quite quickly. Even when the correct type of users landed on the page - ones who were actively looking for a law firm -  they found it difficult to find what they needed, and so also bounced away. 

The brand visibility of the company was also quite low, with limited organic traffic finding the company. These issues meant that the website was not generating as many leads as the law firm wanted in order to grow the business.

The Approach

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

We started with the website, designing and building a new site from scratch, moving the brand from WordPress onto a more user-friendly Concrete platform. The site was designed to be conversion rate optimised and UX-friendly.

As part of the new website design, we rebranded the company, refreshing the logo and updating the colour scheme to give it a more modern look and feel that better reflected the target audience.

We then implemented a comprehensive, full digital marketing strategy that included Paid Advertising, SEO, copywriting, and a PR & Outreach and Content Marketing campaign, before later added Social Media Marketing.


Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

We designed the website for Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors with the principles of conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and UX (user experience) at its very core. 

Simple design elements such as clear, visible Call-to-Action buttons and contact forms, the inclusion of USPs, a TrustPilot review widget, and an easy-to-use and comprehensive navigation have all helped to encourage users into converting. 

Goal Completions

  • Home page form +100.00%
  • Contact Page Enquiry form +33.3%
  • Phone Calls +50.1%

Content Marketing

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

Content marketing has been a key driver of organic visibility for the law firm, boosting impressions and driving traffic while also securing SEO-friendly links and coverage in target publications. 

We have conducted campaigns on topics such as body positivity, the protection of children on Instagram, women’s attitudes towards their breasts, men’s mental health, how the UK feels about their teeth, what people love most about their partner’s appearance and the practice of ‘gifting’ cosmetic surgery procedures. These campaigns have included the research, creation and outreach of branded assets, including whitepapers, guides, reports and infographics (click on the images to see these in full).

Using our PR connections, we have secured coverage for the company in The Sun, Yahoo!, the Guardian and the Telegraph, as well as in industry publications such as SaveFace, Powder Rooms, Consulting Room and Cosmetic Business.


Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

One of the key things we did to improve the organic visibility of the website, and also to attract the right traffic to the site, was to refresh the service pages. Initially, they were too focused on cosmetic surgery procedures, rather than someone looking for a solicitor. After rewriting these pages, and including more explicit CTAs, traffic and the conversion rate improved dramatically.


  • Breast Surgery service page +119.6%
  • Botox service page +500%
  • Hair transplant service page +117.8%
  • Neck Lift service page +500%

All service pages

  • Goal conversion rate +82%
  • Goal completions +48.2%

We also write regular articles for the blog, commenting on topical events, industry news and providing search-friendly posts. These have performed exceptionally well:

  • How cosmetic surgery affects society - 15.5k unique page views
  • BBL: fat transfer surgery and the risk of fat necrosis - 2k page views
  • Lunchtime lipo - everything you need to know - 1.9k views

Social Media

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

In mid-2019 we took over the management of the social media channels, a service that includes the production of content (including imagery), the scheduling of social media content and social media listening through the Hootsuite tool.

This has grown the target audiences across the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels, creating an engaged community and driving traffic to the website.

  • Sessions +656%
  • Users +731.8%
  • Conversion rate +100%


Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

Paid advertising has gone from strength to strength for Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors. Not only did our PR experts deliver a strategic and competitive campaign, we also created dedicated PPC service pages to further increase paid traffic conversion rate.

Advertising on Google Search, we have seen the following results: 

  • Paid conversions +85.7% 
  • Goal conversion rate +140.3%

Overall Results

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

The results for Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors have been remarkable. With the new website and the implementation of a broad range of targeted digital marketing activities, the company has seen a 40% increase in enquiries, with traffic through the roof.


  • Enquiries +41.3%
  • Bounce rate -36.4%
  • Unique users +30.4%
  • Google impressions +18.8%

Enquiries per channel

  • Enquiries - organic +114.7%
  • Enquiries - direct 850%

Traffic per channel

  • New users - direct +414.9%
  • New users - referral +262.9%%
  • New users - social +731.6%
Total Enquiries
Organic Enquiries
Direct Enquires

Before we signed up to work with I-COM I was invited to a meeting with members of the I-COM team, from content to paid search and organic. I was really impressed with the different ideas the different team members were coming up with and the level of creativity and ability they showed. That made me sure that I-COM was the agency we wanted to work with. In the first year of working with I-COM our new inquiries in my department increased by approximately 20%. That’s the key improvement that we want and so we’re very pleased indeed. The I-COM team are great to work with, we have our own Project Manager who looks after us and it’s been a real pleasure to work with them.

Michael Saul, Partner at TJL Solicitors

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