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Our experienced website design team will help you achieve a super secure, ultra-fast, beautifully designed website that is built to propel your business forward. Call us on 0161 402 3170 or send us an enquiry below to find out how we can help.

We are absolutely delighted with the outcome of the Hardship Hub. We’re committed to helping customers who are facing financial hardship and we know the Hardship Hub will become an invaluable resource for money advisors in the North West. I-COM has been a fantastic partner to work with throughout the process, they really listened to the specific concerns and needs of the brief, and the final product has received only high praise from users.

Louise Beardmore, Customer Services and People Director at United Utilities

Driving Tangible Results.

Web Design Services

Your website is more than just the place your customers buy from or how your clients contact you. It is an essential part of your brand’s identity - a digital shop front and calling card to tell the world who you are and what you stand for.

Our Manchester-based web designers take the time to understand your brand, its voice and your customers, before creating a website design that takes all this into account. The end result will be a website that your business will be proud of, your customers will love, and one that will generate a real return.

Call us on 0161 402 3170 or send us an enquiry to find out how we can help.

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"In the digital age, your website is your storefront, and its design is your visual merchandising. Make it inviting, and customers will want to come in."

- June Bower, Web Designer

What Industries Do You Work With?

Web Design

Whether you're an e-commerce powerhouse aiming to boost online sales or a service-oriented business eager to generate valuable leads, we can help your business thrive with a beautifully designed, ultra-fast website that ticks the boxes of your business and end users.

Our portfolio extends across multiple sectors, including legal, e-commerce, recruitment, education, built environment, utilities, and more. With our deep understanding of these verticals, we ensure that every website we create is tailored to the unique requirements of each industry, enabling our clients to establish a powerful online presence and achieve their business objectives.

E-commerce Web Design

Web Design

We specialise in web design for ecommerce websites, be it a completely bespoke design or something that integrates your existing ecommerce platform. We work with all the big names including Magento 2, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

Law Firm Web Design

Web Design

We have built several bespoke websites for some of the most well-known law firms in the North West. Helping our clients increase market share, drive brand awareness, and bring in new business, our law firm websites tick every box.

Recruitment Web Design

Web Design

Having worked on many recruitment web design projects over the years, we understand that a bespoke solution is often required in order to bring in candidates and clients. We can fully integrate your Applicant Tracking System or Content Management System into our builds for something that really meets the needs of your recruitment business.

Bespoke Web Design

Web Design

Get a fully bespoke website that suits the unique needs of your business. Our web design services not only include the website design and build, we'll also make sure things are running smoothly after launch. As a full-service digital agency, we can also ensure your website is ready to hit the ground running from an SEO perspective and can support you with your digital marketing post-launch.

Web design is not just about making things look good; it's about creating an intuitive and seamless user experience that converts visitors into customers.

- Jeffrey Zeldman, Web Designer and Entrepreneur

We're no average web development agency! Whether you are looking for a cutting-edge web design for your e-commerce business or professional services organisation, our Manchester-based web designers treat all sites with the respect they deserve. It's all about how you see your business, how you want it to be perceived, and who you are trying to attract.

That's why we begin the web development process with a thorough discussion with you to really get to know your company, your objectives and your budget. We'll also dive deep to discover your aesthetic tastes and the specific requirements that your online presence must have.

Web design is more than colours, layouts and fonts - it's about reflecting the aspirations and personality of your business as well as delivering your objectives. That's why it's key that you are involved throughout the design process.

Our design and development team will listen to what you want and design a website that will work for your customer base by adding our expertise in website functionality and design for user experience. Once the project begins, our experienced project management will also ensure you are fully informed on the progress made by our designers and web developers.

Responsive Web Design

At I-COM our web design team uses a mobile-first approach, using their technical expertise to create responsive websites that are designed to look and function in a mobile-friendly way - an essential to attract visitors and generate enquiries.

Fully Branded & Beautifully Designed

A new website is often part of a wider rebrand of a company. From logos to colour choices, fonts to taglines, our branding experts will work closely with you to evolve your business with a successful website with a beautiful user interface design that users love.

Customer Focused

A beautiful website can only go so far - it needs to be designed specifically with the user in mind to ensure that they are completing the goals you set for them. Our website designers work hand-in-hand with our CRO & User Experience specialists to make sure your website engages and converts visitors in just the way you want it to.

Ultra Secure

As a virtual storefront, it's important that your website is always open, is running smoothly, and that the customers who use it are protected. Our headless websites are designed to separate your front end from your back end, making it ultra safe and resistant to attacks.

Super Fast

Nowadays, slow websites just won't do - not only does a poor performing site increase bounce rates (users leaving your site without taking action), Google and other search engines will prefer the faster sites over yours. Our headless websites are ultra fast, directly impacting conversions and traffic.

What Technology Do You Use?

Web Design

Here at I-COM, we use a variety of platforms to suit the unique needs of our clients. Having created visually appealing designs that look fantastic and provide a great user experience, we know what works best, no matter what type of business you are.

An ultra-powerful e-commerce web design solution that is flexible, secure and responsive - everything a busy retail business needs.

Super fast, reliable, and secure, our headless web design projects are ideal for any service-based or e-commerce business looking for a bespoke website.

We can support with all areas of Concrete5 web design and development, should your website require maintenance, a refresh, or an upgrade.

A powerful framework for building websites that combines the benefits of React for front-end development with server-side rendering, providing a seamless experience.

Support design and development with e-commerce websites built on Shopify.

Support with design and development for websites built on WordPress.

Your One-Stop Shop for All Marketing Services

We are I-COM

I-COM is a full-service digital marketing agency. This means we can support every aspect of your marketing needs - from designing and building websites to creating awesomely eye-catching content, managing your paid advertising, running strategic PR campaigns or delivering SEO that really works.

Whatever your business needs, we’re at the ready. Let us enhance the good work you already do - or put your feet up and let us take care of your entire digital marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing Specialists

We are I-COM

Formed in 2004, we have grown to be one of Manchester's largest independent digital marketing agencies.

With a large in-house team of specialists we provide a range of digital services including web designweb developmentdigital marketingSEObrandingcontent marketingPR and outreachsocial media marketing and paid search marketing, we cover every digital marketing need you may have. Call on 0161 402 3170 or use the contact form to get in touch.