Predictive Analytics Will Help Your Business Grow

Everyday your website will be collecting bags of data - information that you’ll probably only ever use a tiny amount of in order to check key performance indicators. 

I-COM’s big data experts take all this information and statistically model what is likely to happen to your business, creating a baseline performance forecast that will help you with strategic decision making.

If you’re looking to build an investment business case, or perform due diligence on a revenue forecast, our predictive analytics solutions will help you understand how likely the projected outcome is.

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What Does it Look Like in Practice?

Perhaps you want to launch a new e-commerce website that has been developed with the objective of improving your current conversion rates - our service will help predict the impact of this launch on your revenues.

You could be considering an acquisition but want to validate the business plan provided by the target company’s management. By using our advanced modelling system, we are able to test assumptions and forecasts, helping you to invest wisely.

If you are looking to understand where your business is heading and what you can do to grow more effectively, then this is the service for you.

How Will I-COM Work With Me?

This service is available as part of our core toolkit during the course of a marketing retainer to help us assess the predicted outcomes of different strategies. However, it is also available as a discrete service for companies looking to test their own ideas. 

We will work hand-in-hand with you to understand exactly what you want to achieve and ensure that the piece of work we deliver will be focussed on helping you make the right decision.

The service will conclude with a detailed report that contains easy-to-understand conclusions and next steps. You can choose to receive this electronically or we’ll walk you through our findings and recommendations with a face-to-face discussion. 

The predictive analytics service from I-COM will provide you with the confidence to make the right decisions to grow your business.