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Do I Need PR & Outreach in My Life?

At I-COM, we consider PR and outreach to be essential ingredients in the pursuit of online business growth. 

PR and outreach is all about getting your brand out there in front of potential customers, via the web and the press, so that you can consistently top up your sales pipeline. After all, how can you expect to get more business if you’re not actively driving more interest in and awareness of your company?

The challenge is accessing and engaging this huge pool of prospects in the face of even bigger competition. But that’s where the creatives in our PR and content marketing teams come to life. 

All the digital world’s a stage. And we give our clients the booming voice, the gripping plot, the captivating script, the movie-star charisma (not that you need it, of course) and the loyal fanbase to make your business ambitions a reality. 

Get in touch with I-COM’s PR and outreach experts at I-COM today and let us start telling your story. Call us on 0161 402 3170 or fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Why Work With I-COM?

We’re one of Manchester’s leading agencies and have been helping clients grow their businesses online since back in 2004. 

This experience means we have been perfecting our storytelling nous, flexing our creative muscles and growing our media relationships for more than 15 years - helping us take our clients’ brands to the next level.

And we’d like to think we’re particularly talented in creating and packaging winning strategies for clients in even the most technical and “unglamorous” sectors. Think your services are boring? Try us, we’ll get coverage! Think your colleagues are media unfriendly? We’ll make them thought leaders! We believe every company of every size in every sector has stories worth telling that can excite their target audience, you just sometimes have to dig a little deeper beneath the surface. 

We should also probably mention that we’re employee owned, which directly benefits you, because it means you get to work with a close-knit community that works together and for each other - and by being a client of I-COM’s you become a key part of a team that is dedicated to growing businesses.