SEO that Drives Revenues

There are 3.5 billion searches made on Google alone every single day, so if you’re going to grow online, you need to get a slice of that pie. 

Search engine optimisation (SEO) means using technical know-how, amazing user experience and constant brand development to win better visibility in the search engines, this will deliver more traffic and, therefore, more revenue to your business. 

We are one of the largest independent Manchester SEO agencies,  and we focus on delivering commercial results and improved profits for our clients. 

As a peofessional SEO agency, we are here to help you stand out from the crowd and expose you to the people looking for your particular services and products. 

Want to know what we’d recommend for you to optimise your website and take it to the next level? We’d be more than happy to give you a free search engine optimisation consultation - just drop us a line and tell us about your business. Call 0161 402 3170 or complete our online contact form for some of the best SEO consultancy Manchester has to offer.

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How Will I-COM Work With Me?

We’ll start by conducting a deep-dive SEO audit that will show you all the areas we’ll want to address in order to grow your search visibility and your brand’s reputation in the eyes of Google. 

From there, we’ll tell you exactly what’s required to address those issues - actionable insights from our team of Manchester-based SEO experts. We will then prioritise and build these actions into an integrated digital marketing strategy for the next three months and beyond. 

And because so much can affect SEO in today’s search landscape, it’s of the utmost importance that your strategy is integrated. At I-COM, you’ll have SEOs, content writers, PR professionals, developers, designers, and more, all working together to improve your organic performance. 

What’s the I-COM SEO Philosophy?

We tend to think of search engine optimisation a bit like this: 

Your website is like a bricks-and-mortar shop. If we wanted to build a profitable shop, we would want to:

  • - Make sure the shop floor is designed to make it easy for shoppers to go from aisle to aisle, and find and collect their goods
  • - Make the shop look nice, ensure staff are helpful and dedicated to providing a great customer experience and educating shoppers
  • - Provide compelling reasons for them to return to the shop in the future
  • - Go outside the shop and start telling as many people as possible who we think would like the products that we sell about our brand and products to - try and get more people visiting - if we’re going to grow we want a consistently growing number of people in our shop
  • - Grow the reputation of the shop
  • - Make it as easy as possible for those visiting the shop to navigate to the tills and then pay for their products

We basically do that, but on the web! 

We ensure your website is technically sound, futureproof, easy to navigate and full of useful information for your target audience, and then we go out and tell people about it. 

Why Should I Work With I-COM?

As a result of 15 years as an SEO Agency in Manchester, we’ve got sustainable, future-proof strategies, techniques and methods that benefit our clients in a whole host of sectors and consistently take their websites to the next level organically.  

But it’s not just what we know that we think makes us special, it’s how we go about it. SEO is often characterised by smoke and mirrors, vague ambiguities and, frankly, bullsh*t on the part of the practitioners.

However, our SEO service is built on transparency, education and honesty. 

It’s also good for you to know that, as a result of I-COM being employee-owned since 2019, your SEO team at I-COM are business owners - commercially-minded professionals looking for the best way to drive profit. That has a direct impact on how we work for our clients; we want the same for you as we do for I-COM - business growth.

What Else Can I-COM Do?

The most effective digital marketing strategies incorporate a number of different elements to maximise your chances of success. We recommend combining SEO with paid advertising, PRsocial media marketing and email marketing... and that’s just the start. After all, the best way to grow online is by getting in front of as many potential customers as possible.  

As a full-service digital agency, we do the lot. Get in touch with us today to tell us about your business, and we’ll tell you how we think you can use the web to grow as quickly as possible.