Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the most effective ways of improving your online presence and generating leads from your website. At I-COM, we practice ethical SEO that will make your website more visible to search engines, including Google and Bing.

Exposure in organic search results

Whether you’re an e-commerce business, solicitor or a builder, if you want your website to perform well, you’re going to need SEO.

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What is SEO?

SEO uses a combination of techniques to ensure your website is built in a way that search engines, such as Google, can find and understand.

Not only will SEO build your website's authority and trust with search engines, it will also ensure users have a good experience when they visit, helping them find the information they need quickly.

At I-COM, our digital marketing team uses a combination of content marketing, traditional SEO, online PR and social media techniques to ensure that your website is properly optimised for search engines.

The benefits of SEO

SEO has countless long-term benefits for your online presence, including:

  • Boosting traffic and conversion rate
  • Improving brand awareness
  • Better visibility in organic search
  • Better return on investment

Links are the lifeblood of search engines and creative content is the best possible way to secure them. The more links you have, the more Google will trust your brand and if it trusts your brand, it will show your site more regularly to its users.

At I-COM, we employ a team of experienced, highly creative content producers, delivering strategies designed to raise our clients’ profiles and generate valuable links.

How we work

Our SEO process follows a tried and tested structure; research, plan, implement and review. During this process we look at the following:

  • Site speed
  • Code
  • Link profiles
  • Content quality
  • Keyword cannibalisation
  • Content duplication
  • User engagement
  • AMP
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Rich snippets, etc.

Our team of SEO specialists pride themselves on staying ahead of the curve and keeping up to date with Google's latest algorithms, which is why SEO is an ongoing process to continually improve the performance of your site.

What our SEO clients say

“The website is now outperforming all previous versions in my time at the firm (10 and a half years) in terms of lead generation. A very big thank you from myself and everyone here at JMW for all the hard work and effort the I-COM team have put in.”

  • Dan Clark, Marketing Director at JMW

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