By sharing your information in the right places we can boost awareness and engagement with your brand across multiple channels.

Good PR and outreach can help to increase brand awareness, create valuable inbound links to your site and let Google know your site provides relevant and useful information to visitors. This means you gain a promotion in search engine results and thus better visibility for your brand.

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PR, or public relations, is your reputation and relationship with the public, and includes working directly with off and online publications, from national, local, human interest or trade magazines and newspapers.

Outreach is a way to gain exposure for your brand, news and services beyond the traditional PR channels. For example, we've forged relationships with charities and influencers to place thought leadership pieces and expert features on their sites, or developed assets in collaboration with them for additional reach and exposure.

so what are the benefits?

PR and outreach are essential for:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Creating a positive brand image
  • Building and maintaining customer relationships
  • Enhancing your SEO by developing a high quality backlink profile*

*Ranking in Google is largely dependent on the quality of the sites linking to yours, with Google analysing the link profile of these websites. A website with high authority backlinks is seen by Google to be a valuable source of information to users and is ranked more highly as a result.

A company's reputation can often be its biggest asset, which is why it's so important to maintain the integrity of your own.

what do our PR and outreach SERVICES include?

Our PR and outreach services are a crucial part of our brand marketing approach. Our experts can build a PR campaign and devise an outreach strategy that will use their unique media contacts to effectively market your business across multiple channels online and offline.

In addition, our services include:

  • Establishing thought leadership campaigns
  • Reputation and crisis management
  • Aiding with events
  • Creating feature presses and press releases for dissemination
  • Creating press packs and media kits for blogger outreach
  • Securing celebrity and influencer endorsement
  • News generation
  • Media monitoring for opportunities
  • Promoting content campaigns and associated assets
  • Creating media lists
  • Product placement
  • Securing collaborations with partners and influencers
  • Consulting services

We've provided PR and outreach services from our Manchester-based office for a range of clients, including for legal firms, recruitment powerhouses, fashion brands and more.

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