Build Your Business with an Experienced Content Marketing Agency

An effective content marketing strategy is an important part of a digital marketing plan and  helps businesses and brands grow by:

  • Creating a bigger, more sustainable sales pipeline

  • Improving brand awareness

  • Increasing SEO performance

  • Establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry

  • Reaching your target audience

  • Achieving regular coverage in mainstream media

  • Going head-to-head (and beating) your biggest competitors on the web

As a highly experienced content marketing agency, we will create engaging, educational and entertaining content that will get your business noticed, get you in front of prospective customers and clients and deliver real, verifiable results.

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How Will I-COM Work With Me?

From the outset we work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand their objectives, services, target market, industry, challenges, marketing calendars, and so on.

Using this understanding, we find the angles and stories that will get you noticed in your industry, and devise content that will grab the attention of your audience - giving us the best possible chance of meeting your objectives.

We can work as an extension of your internal marketing team, complementing and supporting their activities, or we can take the lead and set the course for your entire digital marketing strategy - the choice is yours.

We even lead workshops and offer ongoing consultancy to help guide or develop your in-house skills.



From there, we'll:

  • Discuss with you what you’re looking to achieve and review your current activities

  • Delve into your business and industry so we can understand you, your audience and your goals better

  • Create an initial strategy jammed pack with creative ideas based on our analysis and recommendations

After that, we review, refine and reinforce the activities that will bring you results, based on our ongoing analysis of our work to match your short and long-term objectives.

Whether you are looking for a B2C or a B2B content marketing agency to drive success, I-COM can help you achieve your goals.

But the first step is to get in touch!

Strategic Content & Copywriting

Strategic content ideas backed by strong copywriting to communicate your brand

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Brand Awareness

Don't just stand out - be useful, be educational, be entertaining, and be remembered with effective brand awareness campaigns


PR & Outreach

Strategic PR campaigns curated expressly to grow awareness of your brand with your key audience

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Video & Animation

Stand out in seconds and engage, engage, engage

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Why Should I Work With I-COM?

We know there are a lot of content marketing agencies out there, but not all are built the same. What makes I-COM’s content marketing team different is strategy. 

We don’t simply throw a load of content at the wall to see what sticks, we develop neatly-packaged digital marketing strategies and campaigns that tell stories, slice through the second-rate content churned out by your competitors, and make a difference to the people who you want to notice you. Oh, and get results. 

Not only that, we pride ourselves on the broad range of sectors we can work with - ranging from e-commerce, education to legal and recruitment. Our content marketing team are experts in rapidly getting to grips with pretty much any industry, no matter how technical or niche, and delivering results quickly and effectively. 

If you feel like content marketing with I-COM makes sense for your business and you’re in the mood to reach more of your target audience in a more effective way, just get in touch

Content marketing helps your brand become more well-known and well-liked, among the whole pool of your potential customers, no matter how close they are to parting with their money. And that means a sustainable, ever-growing pipeline.

Content marketing helps your brand become more well-known, and more well-liked, among the whole pool of your potential customers, no matter how close they are to parting with their money. And that means a sustainable, ever-growing pipeline.

What Kind of Content Can I-COM Create?

  • On-site content- web page copy, articles and blog posts

  • Industry reports

  • Thought leadership pieces

  • Guides and slide decks

  • E-books and white papers

  • Quizzes, surveys and checklists

How It Works

Imagine you’re at a networking event and you want to make a splash with fellow attendees and build some valuable relationships.  What’s your approach? Be polite, funny, interesting and helpful?

Or go up to as many people as you can and talk at them about yourself incessantly before asking them for some money?

Hopefully the former!

Content marketing is all about doing that, but on the web instead.  It involves valuable, relevant and interesting content creation - assets, resources and materials designed to get your brand noticed by your target audience. 

But it doesn’t just involve the creation of content, it also requires strategic promotion of that content to get it seen by your target audience when they hit the search engines, browse social media, or directly visit your website. 

The whole discipline is built around the idea of attracting potential customers to your brand at every stage of the customer journey, rather than just one. 

How Else Can I-COM Help?

I-COM is a full service digital marketing agency. This means we can support every aspect of your marketing needs - here are just a few things we can do for you:

  • Designing and building websites

  • Managing your PPC and Paid Social campaigns

  • Running strategic PR campaigns

  • Delivering impactful, long-lasting SEO strategies

  • Managing your Email Marketing campaigns

  • Supporting with Social Media Marketing, be it paid advertising, influencer marketing, or posting engaging content

Whatever your business needs, we’re at the ready. Let us enhance the good work you already do - or put your feet up and let us take care of your entire digital strategy. With I-COM, you’re in good hands. 

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