Do I Need Remarketing Services in My Life?

Not everybody that finds their way to your website will make a purchase or enquiry, with many taking their time to come to a decision before buying anything.

For this reason it's important to stay at the forefront of your audience's minds, by making sure they're reminded you exist on the internet. A good way to do this is via remarketing strategies, a service that we provide here at I-COM.

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What is Remarketing?

Remarketing services, including those at I-COM,  help to reengage prospective customers who didn't make a purchase or an enquiry when they first visited your site. Online advertisers make use of cookies for the purposes of making sure the right ads appear to the correct audience.

By using these cookies to track users activity across the internet, online advertisers can then choose different methods in which to continue advertising to a specific user. There is a wealth of ways in which remarketing can be carried out, including Google remarketing and Facebook remarketing. These ways all make sure the right audience is being shown ads that are the most relevant to their patterns and behaviour on the internet.

The cookie ID that you gather is added to your remarketing audience list, or lists. This will help you to target certain visitors for specific things depending on what page or section of your website they viewed previously.

This information can help to create specifically targeted ads that take into account user behaviour and habits when online. All of this information then informs the remarketing campaign we use to successfully retarget and remarket your products to those potential customers.

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