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The Client

JMW is one of the largest full-service law firms in Manchester. We were appointed to rebuild their website and undertake a full range of digital marketing activities to raise the firm's profile and drive more business.

JMW Solicitors Case Study

The Approach

We work with JMW as an extension of their internal marketing department. Having redesigned and rebuilt their website onto the Concrete platform, we work daily with the JMW marketing team on conversion rate optimisation, improving site content, and running multiple integrated content marketing campaigns across departments.

These campaigns utilise our copywriting services in the provision of service pages, articles, FAQ pages, and in the creation of slideshares, infographics, factsheets, video and animation.

With the help of these visual assets, we have also worked with JMW to promote the brand to national and niche media outlets through a rigorous PR and outreach campaign. We also support JMW on paid promotion through AdWords and social media.



The Results

After rebuilding their website and focusing on a fully integrated digital marketing strategy, revenue through the website increased by 18% following a 106% increase in online enquiries

This growth enabled JMW to continue to expand its own internal marketing team, putting more effort into its social media activity and on developing great content for the website, which, in turn, continues to drive growth for the business.

PR and outreach work has also raised the profile of the law firm by securing coverage of JMW, with links, in publications ranging from national and local newspapers, niche industry publications, forums, directories and peer-to peer websites.


Increase in Cases Opened
Increase in Mobile Traffic
Fee Income from the Web