Make more money with the help of a dedicated PPC agency

No matter the size of your brand, company or organisation, paid advertising and Pay Per Click (PPC) offers you the chance to appear prominently in places where your audience is actively looking for services or products that you offer. 

As you’d expect, that makes paid search advertising and PPC campaigns a crucial part of any effective digital marketing strategy, because it can be a sure fire way to generate more revenue through your website, and quickly. 

That’s where we come in - as one of the UK's top 50 paid advertising agencies, I-COM’s team of Google Ads specialists are experts in Search Advertising, Display Advertising and Shopping Advertising. From Google shopping campaigns to social advertising, we devise and execute paid advertising strategies that attracts an eager-to-convert audience to generate a good return on investment for your online business.

Get in touch with our PPC advertising experts today and we’ll give you a free audit that will show you how to generate more results through your search campaigns and paid advertising efforts. Call 0161 402 3170 or complete our online contact form to find out why we're one of the best PPC agencies out there.

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What Can I Expect from I-COM?

As a PPC management agency, we're proud to be a Google Premier Partner. This means our paid advertising team is in the top 1% of Google Partners in the UK - not to mention Facebook and Bing partners too. You can expect to receive the very finest of PPC services that are well-practised and finely honed to deliver exceptional results.

From the outset, we'll work with you to develop stellar, data driven PPC campaigns. To do that, we'll first help you understand and define the below, so we can ensure to hit your target market:

  • Your products and services - what are your biggest sellers? What generates the most profit for you?
  • Your industry - who are your competitors? Why are they popular? What is their advertising strategy? What are they spending?
  • Understand your target audience - What are their demographics? What are their dreams and desires? Where can they be found online? What do they search for? What language do they use online? What times do they tend to be online?

If you're already running ads, we'll carry out a review of what you're currently doing in order to find out where we can build on your work and make your ads perform even better than they already are.

We'll then talk you through the distinct set of actions we've developed to generate more ROI from your display ads and search campaigns.

And don't worry, we'll keep you in the loop with how your accounts are performing as frequently as you require. As your PPC agency, you'll get nothing but full transparency from us.

The platforms we work with include: Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube.

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Goals & Objectives of Paid Advertising

We can create and manage PPC and paid advertising campaigns to achieve the below goals:

  • Clicks - using the pay-per-click bidding model to generate traffic to your website or other branded content and material

  • Impressions - getting as many peoples’ eyes on your brand as possible to improve recognition and consistently grow your sales funnel

  • Engagement - getting people to interact with you in some way - watching a video, browsing an image gallery or reading an article 

  • Conversions and ROI - generating sales and revenue, whether you're a service based or an ecommerce business

We’ll help you understand what your site needs and then create a blended strategy to deliver success.

Why should I use a PPC agency like I-COM?

PPC & paid advertising has completely transformed since we first started out in 2004.

There are now a head-spinning number of paid media platforms, bidding models, ad modifiers, management tools, target customers and competitors on the market to consider

The PPC team at I-COM are a mix of data analysts, writers, mathematicians, developers (and everything in between from one minute to the next), because that's what it takes to excel in this landscape.

We know what your paid ads should say, how they should look, where they should appear, who should see them, and when should they be displayed in order to meet your objectives. Whether you have little to no marketing support, are a marketing manager with a paid advertising skill gap, or simply need a fresh pair of eyes on your campaigns, we can help.

Want to know more? Take a deep dive into our specialist paid advertising services:

  • PPC & Paid Search: Gain instant prominence in the world’s biggest search engines through the likes of Google Ads and Bing Ads

  • Display Advertising: Improve brand awareness, business growth, and conversions on relevant sites across the web

  • Remarketing: Persuade visitors to come back to your site to generate leads or convert business

  • Social Media Advertising: Reach a huge new audience on social media networks through targeted ads; build customer trust, a strong following, and encourage conversions

Why Work with I-COM?

For the last 15 years, it's been our aim to become a true extension of our clients' own marketing teams - someone you can trust, rely on, and have fun with while we deliver results for your company.

That attitude has helped us maintain our standing as one of Manchester's leading, full-service digital agencies for more than a decade.  We're award winning and we're proud of it!

Today we are an employee-owned company with a stable and dedicated team of digital marketing experts who know the ins and outs of online marketing, online advertising, search engine optimisation, social media platforms, Google search, and all that's in between.

We can support every aspect of your marketing needs, taking your paid advertising to the next level with eye-catching content, strategic PR campaigns or beautiful and effective websites.

Whatever your business needs, we're at the ready to get started. Let us enhance the good work you already do - or put your feet up and let us take care of your entire digital marketing effort.

Find out how we can help by getting in touch - just give us a call on 0161 402 3170 or email us at