Prospective buyers find their way to your website in a variety of ways, known as 'touchpoints'.

Our marketing attribution services help you to determine what channels are the most valuable in terms of attracting customers, and what touchpoints you could best utilise to maximise your return.

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Marketing attribution is simply the way in which you work out how your customers came to be aware of and buy your product. The main aim of any form of marketing is obviously to make a sale, but once you've achieved your goal you need to work out exactly what it was you did to lead to your customer making a purchase. By doing so, you can figure out what it is that you're doing right, and discover also where you might be going wrong.

Why should I invest in marketing attribution?

There are multiple ways in which a customer could have found their way to your website, and working out which of these is the most effective for you can help you to address your marketing spend in a way that is much more beneficial to your business. Not only must the ads you have placed on social media be considered, but also the emails the customer may have clicked on, the print advertisements and more.

Measuring multi-channel attribution, as well as cross-device attribution, is essential to gaining an understanding of how effective your current marketing strategy is and where it can be improved.

With our attribution tracking we can assess exactly where you're going wrong and work to help you make the most of the touchpoints that have been working for you.


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