31st August 2021

I-COM Podcast: Brand Personality and Positioning for Recruitment Agencies

Ryan Cunningham

Struggling to build a strong recruitment brand that will help you register the top talent? Thinking about how to find your place in a crowded market and differentiate yourself from the competition?

In this podcast episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dave Madden the Owner and Director of Mustard, the International recruitment agency for the design sector.

In today’s podcast episode from my Rules for Recruiters series we explore:

  • Why naming the business was the initial spark
  • How investing in the Mustard brand allowed them to grow beyond the three founders quickly
  • How to stand out against the competition with a visual identity
  • How the brand was the foundations for building out their foreign desks and communicating the company culture locally
  • Why having a stable of sub-brands in highly specialised ‘inch wide, mile deep’ niches helped grow the business

Dave explains how they wanted the brand to mirror their ideal clients both in person with jeans and collarless tee-shirts, as well as the digital world so when they visit the mustard website they say “these look and feel a bit like us, and can interact with us on our level”.

In this interview, Dave talks about his experience as someone with 21 years in the recruitment sector and has some great advice for anyone else thinking of building a brand in a particular niche.

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