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We love Christmas and some of the things we like most are the really awful jokes you find in Christmas Crackers.

They remind you of when you were young and your Dad was able to make you laugh at the slightest thing.

Q. What's Santa's favourite singer called?
A. Elf-ish Presley


This year we wanted to share the best ones we've got around with our friends -and we've got some real belters.

If you like nothing better the a good belly laugh or even better one of those jokes that makes you think

"Oh no, why didn't I see that one coming"

Then you've come to the right place, to get you fill of Christmas jokes and become the Champion of Christmas Cheer around your workplace all you have to do is fill in the form on the right and each workday until Christmas we'll send you your own special delivery of Xmas mirth.

Q. What's Tarzan's favourite Christmas song?
A. Jungle Bells

We also love collecting jokes so if you know some great ones let us know - simply give us a comment below.

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