The Importance Of USPs: What Makes Your Law Firm Unique?

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To say that we’ve looked at a lot of websites for law firms would be to understate exactly how many legal clients we've had, how much legal marketing we’ve done, and how much competitor research this requires.

I’d like to say that over the years I’ve heard a wide range of answers from new legal clients when we ask the question “Why should a prospective client choose you over one of your competitors?” I’d like to, but I can’t - because pretty much every law firm gives the same answer when you ask them to provide their USP (unique selling points). They say that they:

  • Provide a personal service
  • Are experts in their field
  • Make sure to keep the client informed at every stage along the way
  • Treat their clients as individuals
  • Explain things in plain English

Reading the value propositions and USPs on solicitors’ websites reminds me a bit of one of those online generators where you provide your name, your location and your specialisms and then a computer mixes and matches a series of phrases. That’s when it’s not actually worse than this.

Think I’m exaggerating? A quick survey of the top 20 sites for a very generic legal search brings up the following:

Level best? I’d rather like my solicitor to do a bit more than that.

Legal Advice

This sounds great when you first read it, but it’s actually just a definition of what a law firm does - provide legal advice to clients.

Tailored Approach

OK, a ‘tailored and personal service’.

Or maybe a ‘tailored approach’.

Or you can have ‘accessible tailored advice’ (does anyone sense a theme developing?).

Caring for You

If a ‘tailored’ service doesn’t appeal, there’s also the solicitors offering a softer approach 

They care about their clients.

And is the personal touch from this firm different from the personal service the one above offers?

After a while, all of these humanizing sales pitches begin to sound the same.

What Clients Really Want

Now imagine you’re a client and you need someone to help you make a will, or buy a home, or someone to take you through a divorce or help your family after a  grievous clinical error - how do you differentiate between the law firms all telling you they are the right choice for you for the same reasons as their competitors?

Now go away and think - ‘If a prospective client phoned me and said “why should I choose you over your competitors,”’ what would you answer? Be specific:

  • Do you have a good rating by reviewers?
  • Have you won a significant amount of compensation for clients over the years?
  • Is there a type of case that you are known for handling more successfully than anybody else?
  • Do you have special or significant ties to your community?
  • Is there an emotive story you can tell about why your firm exists in the first place that will create an affinity with your audience?

You have this one chance to really sell yourself to your visitors before they decide who they want to instruct - use it to really drive home what makes your business special.

The Importance of Legal Marketing

Without legal marketing, how can a firm show that their legal services are actually different than the rest and can offer something truly exceptional and unique? You may own or be part of a fantastic law firm, but without the right marketing strategy, you'll almost certainly be missing out on valuable business. The legal sector is an incredibly competitive space - not only is it critical to highlight your USPs, but you have to ensure that those USPs are seen and heard.

There are a wealth of marketing activities that can help put a law firm website above the rest. A legal marketing strategy should incorporate a variety of marketing channels such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), PR (Public Relations), content marketing, and paid advertising that will improve brand visibility, ensure your messaging is clear and effective, and ultimately generate leads and business.

I-COM and Your USPs

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