What Is Marketing Attribution and Why Do I Need It?

Companies often look at what brought a visitor to their site in order to make a purchase, but they seldom look at the complete journey a visitor might have made before coming to the conclusion that they should get in touch. 

Perhaps they initially visited the site because of a paid search ad, they noted the company name did some further research and then returned via an organic search on the company name. Traditionally, this would be recorded as an organic lead but in truth, without the initial paid advertisement the organic search that generated the enquiry would never have occurred.

Marketing attribution is used to identify exactly how your customers came to be aware of and buy your product or service. It allows us to assign a value to each part of the customer journey so that the return on investment of all managed channels can be assessed.

This knowledge is a powerful tool that can help you identify where you’re going right, and where you’re going wrong with your marketing spend. So, if you want to make your digital marketing budget work more effectively and efficiently, then you should be using marketing attribution.

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How Will I-COM Work With Me?

At I-COM we’re all about helping businesses grow, and a large part of that is finding ways to improve your ROI so you get more bang for your buck. 

We use digital marketing attribution to help us do this. 

Don’t believe us? Well, there are multiple ways in which a customer or prospective client could have found their way to your website, for example:

  • Social media adverts
  • Display banner ads
  • Email newsletters
  • Online articles referencing your company
  • Codes posted on a voucher website

Many companies spread themselves wide and thin trying to capture their target audience’s attention at every possible opportunity. But the clever business assesses which platforms are actually the most effective in helping deliver the visitors that will become customers.

We utilise a number of marketing attribution models to properly understand your customers’ journey, including:

  • Last-click attribution 
  • Multi-channel attribution 
  • Cross channel attribution 
  • Device attribution 

Which means we can assess exactly where and what it was you did to catch the attention of your customers. 

With this vital information in hand, we’ll put a plan in place to make sure you do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. And with that knowledge, you can utilise and revise your marketing budget in a way that is much more beneficial to your business.

How Else Can I-COM Help?

After we identify which channels are bringing in the best quality traffic and returning the highest ROI to your website, then our other services are at your disposal to help deliver an effective strategy to achieve your goals.

From our Google and Bing-certified paid advertising specialists, to our email marketing gurus, PR strategists and copywriting experts, we have everything you need to grow your business online.

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