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Whether you’re looking for a website to showcase your school’s curriculum, share useful information with parents, demonstrate your school's musical excellence, talk about student life or provide an online platform for students and teachers to find curriculum information - I-COM can help. 

We have a rich history of creating the best college websites that make life easier for staff, pupils, parents and the local community. 

Our goal is to create an engaging online presence that provides great resources that encompass all aspects of the school or sixth-form activities - from courses and events through student life achievements to extracurricular activities. We design and create user-friendly websites for schools that are easy to navigate and packed with useful features that students and their families will value and compel visitors to get in touch. 

Our school websites are designed using only the next-generation technologies created in-house - giving you peace of mind that they will be able to meet the demands of both administration staff and users alike.

All our school and college websites are designed to be easy to use with easy navigation - so visitors can find information quickly. Plus, our websites feature responsive design - ensuring they look great on whatever device is being used to visit the site. 

We understand how important it is for your school’s web design to represent your values; our team will work closely with you throughout the entire web design process. 

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I-COM School & College Website Development

Our expert team of website developers, designers and content creators deliver outstanding websites for schools and colleges with tailor-made functionality.

Whether your college or academy needs a website building from scratch or you simply require a fresh new design, our team of digital education specialists deliver innovative and user-friendly platforms for both staff and students.

Every education website we craft is designed to integrate seamlessly with your student information system, including EBS.

Let us help you improve your online presence, boost your search engine ranking, draw more users to your site and increase the number of enquiries you receive from prospective students.

Our Education Websites Benefit From:

  • Responsive web designs for schools and colleges
  • Access to leading technology with the input of industry experts
  • Beautiful custom designs, working in partnership with our creative team
  • The ability to manage and update your website yourself, ensuring no ongoing costs
  • Simple integrations with tools that will help your new website work seamlessly with your management system, such as EBS
  • Ongoing support from a team of education marketing specialists that are committed to getting the best results

All of this, plus: branding, copywriting, content marketing, and more...

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Getting the Most from Your School Website

Creating a new website for your school or college doesn't stop at launch – there are lots of ways to make sure you get the most out of your online presence and attract prospective students. Here are some tips for creating a college website that delivers results:

  • Keep it Up-to-Date: Make sure all the information on your site is accurate and up-to-date so that visitors can find what they need quickly and easily from the homepage.
  • Make It Accessible: Make sure your website is accessible to those with visual impairments.
  • Utilise Social Media: Ensure the content you post through social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is represented on your website to give insight into student life
  • Be Engaging: Include great content from your educational institution that people will visit, interact with and want to share.

By taking advantage of these tips, you'll be able to ensure that your college's website is the best it can be!

Leveraging the Power of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool for improving your school’s website, helping you to rank higher in search results and get more web visitors and more students. Here are some tips to help you benefit from SEO:

  • Do Your Keyword Research: Make sure you do your keyword research to determine which terms are likely to attract the right type of visitors to your resources.
  • Optimize Your Content: Include relevant keywords in headings and titles on each page and throughout the body of your content, give your online visitors the resources they want.
  • Link Building: Link building is essential for boosting your SEO ranking - make sure links to and from other websites point back to your site.
  • Update Regularly: It's important to keep content fresh, so make sure you update your website regularly with new and interesting content.

By taking advantage of these tips, you can ensure that your college website is optimized for maximum performance and visibility, helping you to attract more students!

Creating a Great User Experience

Creating a great user experience is essential for any new college website, and the same is true for school websites. Here are some tips about the science behind creating a web design that will help your direct visitors to an excellent experience:

  • Keep it Simple: Let your visitors quickly access what they need - ensure you have a search bar and make sure navigation is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Improve Load Time: Make sure your pages load quickly by compressing high-definition images and minifying JavaScript and CSS.
  • Be Responsive: Ensure that all users have a great experience regardless of device or browser type by optimizing for mobile devices.
  • Make it Secure: Include a secure connection (SSL) to ensure that data submitted through forms is encrypted and kept safe.

By following the best example, you can make sure that visitors to the homepage of your website are able to obtain the details they're looking for - leaving them with a positive impression of your school!

Improving Your Site's Accessibility

Making sure your school or college website is accessible to all of the community is essential for creating an inclusive and welcoming environment. Here are some tips to help you make sure your school website is accessible to readers:

  • Test Your Code: Ensure that all code conforms to W3C standards - use tools like HTML validators or accessibility audit tools to detect and fix any issues.
  • Focus on Navigation: Make sure navigation menus are easy to use, can be accessed with a keyboard and are structured logically.
  • Text Alternatives: Add alternative text (alt text) for images, videos and other content that cannot be understood by screen readers
  • Make Content Readable: Use clear fonts, sizing, spacing and colour combinations that maximize readability for all users.

With these tips in mind, you can make sure your school or college website is accessible for everyone online – no matter their abilities or disabilities!

Invest in Your School's Future

As technology evolves, so too should your school or college website. Investing in a new website project is an important step towards creating an engaging and informative space for students, parents, faculty and visitors.

Upgrading your college website is a great way to show current and potential students that your school values staying on top of trends in education!

I-COM's UK-based school and college website development services can bring your online project to life for prospective students and parents. Send us your contact details and together we can dig deeper and investigate a website project that your students and their parents will love.



We're a Manchester-based digital marketing agency with a long list of clients in the North-West, nationally and globally. Our expertise in the education market means our clients are able to benefit from specially optimised platforms and services that deliver real results.

Our websites can be fully integrated with your systems, providing greater functionality to improve user experience and encourage applications from prospective students. Its easy-to-use system means it is also simple for you to manage on your own.

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