25th September 2019

Whitepaper - How Users Perceive Your Marketing Efforts (And What You Can Do About It)

Adam Snape

Are you talking to the right audience in the right places? How do you know? Where should you start with a marketing strategy? If marketing leaves you with more questions than answers, our Engage Don’t Enrage whitepaper is for you.

When it comes to defining your marketing strategy, there are a lot of avenues to consider; from social media, through email marketing and search. However, as consumers get more savvy to common advertising techniques, it can be harder to make them work as effectively as they used to.

But help is at hand. We ran a survey this year to find out how online shoppers do, and do not, want to interact with brands in order to discover how companies can avoid putting potential customers off. The results are now in.

Our Key Findings:

  • 49% of people use an ad blocker when browsing the web
  • Only 14% of customers want to provide their personal details
  • 42% of consumers have bought something after seeing it advertised on social media.

Handily for you, we have collated and analysed the findings of our research in the Engage Don’t Enrage whitepaper, and provided you with several ways in which your brand can communicate more effectively with your desired audience.

Our whitepaper discusses the following:

  • Acceptable marketing channels, as decided by consumers
  • Email marketing; best practice and content
  • How to effectively use social media to get in front of your audience
  • Paid advertising and the platforms that earn the most money
  • The power of influencer marketing

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