23rd February 2021

I-COM Podcast: E-commerce Digital Customer Experiences

Ryan Cunningham

Today’s i-community podcast guest Jim Green shares essential advice for those of you who are looking to communicate with a little more human element in your digital communications to both your new and existing customer base.

In this absorbing conversation and reflections of the 2020 trading period, Jim Green explores:

  • Communicating with your team ”if you think you’re doing enough, double it
  • The importance of what you say, and taking time for your internal team communication
  • Having personable, relevant content with a consistent message for your customers and your values portrayed in the right way
  • The principle of having an empty-chair in the boardroom that represents the customer

Jim is passionate about doing what he loves, and heads up an independent optical group in the south-east of England with established practices in Brighton, Reading, Weybridge and Winchester.

Jim has an impeccable track record of looking after his customers and a strong ethos runs through the business. His consultative approach to patient care and eye-health has helped him build eyesite.co.uk with solid foundations. Jim has a very engaging personality and his undoubted communication skills has contributed to the 35 years of delighted customers, and motivated professionals who love what they do.

Join David and Ryan in a fascinating conversation with Jim where he shares his views on putting the customer first with clinical excellence and best-practice marketing when digital comms takes the place of human contact.