12th November 2019

Park Lane Take the Clash of the Recruitment Titans Trophy

This November, Saffery Champness and I-COM returned with our biggest ever pub quiz, Clash of the Recruitment Titans: Winter Edition.

On Thursday 7 November, 15 teams from ten recruitment agencies from Greater Manchester and beyond assembled to take on a series of seriously-tricky challenges.

Hosted at Eden Manchester, each team was put through their paces with increasingly difficult rounds including History, Current Events, Sports and the infamously-difficult music lyric round.


Clash of the Recruitment Titans - Eden Manchester

There was tension in the air, as defending champions Finlay James were in the house, ready to do battle and return home with the much-coveted trophy for a fifth time. Former winners Evolution Recruitment Solutions were also prepared for another stab at the title, naming their team ‘Winners 2017 & 2018' in an attempt to intimidate the competition.


Finlay James


Evolution Recruitment Solutions

However, there can only be one winner, and this time Park Lane Recruitment took the number one slot with a margin of 2.5 points! Their prize included the Clash of the Recruitment Titans trophy and a karaoke session generously donated by our hosts, Eden Manchester.


Winners: Park Lane Recruitment

This is the first time Park Lane has won the Clash of the Recruitment Titans, and its an extra-special victory as their attempt at the last quiz in June saw them going home with the Wooden Spoon award for last place.

Our co-hosts Saffery Champness coordinated the bonus creative round, with a Rugby World Cup themed-plasticine challenge.


Cast UK


Network Marketing

Clash of the Titans: Scoreboard

  1. Park Lane Recruitment
  2. Evolution Recruitment Solutions, 'Winners 2017 & 2018'
  3. Employment Solutions, 'Sultan of Sales'
  4. Saffery Champness, 'Never Gonna Win'
  5. Energize Recruitment, 'Ollie & Co.'
  6. I-COM & JMW
  7. 6 Group, 'Munich Arse'
  8. Higher Group, 'Here For Leads'
  9. Finlay James, 'Saas Queens'
  10. Network Marketing, 'Three & a Half Men'
  11. Finlay James, 'Quizlay James'
  12. Experis, 'The Sales Force'
  13. Cast UK, 'Four Dicks One Chick'
  14. Cast UK, 'Youre a Quizzard Harry'

And, last but not least, the Wooden Spoon award went to Energize Recruitment.

Fancy Your Chances?

Clash of the Recruitment Titans will return next Spring and is open to all recruitment agencies of Greater Manchester.

If you want to know when tickets become available, sign up using the form below. Otherwise, keep an eye out on social media - you can follow us on Twitter @I_COM, Facebook @ICOMNet and LinkedIn @I-COM.


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