Do I Need Display Advertising in My Life?

Display advertising is one of the best ways to get your message out there and is a tried and tested medium for letting your audience know exactly what you have to offer.

Traditional advertising came in the form of posters, full-page newspaper ads and signs painted on the side of buildings. Now, however, advertising is an entirely different ballgame and doing it well on the internet can reap major benefits for companies.

At I-COM our clients benefit from our work in display advertising, which helps to drive sales and increase ROI. With the right display advertising agency, you can push your campaigns further and drive the best possible results through your online advertising.

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Why You Need Display Advertising

Display advertising can be used to help develop or increase brand awareness, incorporating visual elements that your audience will then associate with your company. If your banner ads are sufficiently engaging, a potential customer will recognise your brand more easily as a result.

It can also be used for the purposes of retargeting and is a highly successful form of advertising. It's also easily measured through calculating the click through rate of the ad in question.

How We Work

At I-COM we follow a set process with all our clients to make sure you are well informed and completely happy with the process we will be taking in order to make the most of your display advertising.

We get to work to understand your brand tone of voice and use of imagery to make sure we develop ads that suit your brand image perfectly. We make sure you're completely happy with what we have in place before pushing ahead and establishing display advertising for your company. Get in touch to learn more about our display advertising services.

What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is advertising specifically on digital channels, through the use of banner ads. It’s also known as banner advertising as the advertisements used appear as banners on a page, consisting of a large image or multimedia object.

They can be static or animated depending on what best suits the purpose of the ad. However what they always are is visually engaging, attracting potential customers to click on the ad which will then take them through to your website.

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