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The Client

World Options is a shipping solutions provider, hosting an online courier comparison portal for SMEs that is designed to save companies time and money.

Additionally, the brand sells World Options franchises, with franchisees working to build relationships with businesses that require shipping services.

The Brief

World Options came to I-COM looking for a new website and a brand marketing campaign, with the goals of:

  • Developing brand-name awareness
  • Increasing the number of B2B customers using the online portal
  • Increasing the number of franchisees

The Execution

Franchisee-focused work centred around the creation and promotion of an e-book: ‘A Guide to Leaving the Rat Race Behind and Working For Yourself’, designed to attract World Options' entrepreneurial target audience.

This was outreached to the media with newsworthy statistics, press releases, thought leadership and commentary pieces generated by our PR and Outreach team.

We also designed, created and promoted games, quizzes and infographics to engage both potential franchisees and SMEs who need shipping services.

Finally, SEO activities included:

  • Growing-long tail traffic through the provision of quality, targeted advice content
  • Building new citations and curating links

The Results

As a result of our activities, we produced:

  • 68% increase in franchisees
  • 432% increase in impressions
  • 616% increase in clicks
  • 78% increase in brand impressions
  • 1,989% increase in non-brand impressions
  • 83% increase in PPC conversion rate
  • 137% increase in goal completions
  • Over 50 pieces of secured press coverage with links
Increase in Non-brand Impressions
Increase in Franchisees
Increase in Clicks

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