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The Client

SafetyBuyer is an e-commerce merchant providing health and safety products to businesses from fire extinguishers and first aid kits to workwear, signs and spill control.

The Brief

SafetyBuyer came to I-COM as a startup looking for an e-commerce website and support with digital marketing and Google Adwords in order to drive the business.

The Results

Combined with link building efforts, SEO activities and marginal gains consultancy, SafetyBuyer has continued to grow in visibility and revenue producing record results each month:

Total revenue up by 49%
Total transactions up by 45%
Organic traffic up by 33%
Paid visits up by 64%
Total visits up by 50%

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The Outcome

Following our activities, organic traffic increased by 33% and organic revenue increased by 50%.

The improved user experience also enabled I-COM to push PPC, driving a 63% increase in PPC traffic and a 57% increase in revenue from paid search.

Overall, traffic increased by 52%, leading to a 49% increase in revenue.

SafetyBuyer's success was recognised and celebrated when it became a finalist for the MEN 2019 'Best in Tech' E-commerce award.

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Increase in Paid Visits
Increase in Total Visits
Increase in Revenue