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worryingly, Up to 30% of all Magento sites are unsecure

Has your web developer implemented all the latest patches to protect your site from outside attacks and keep your business running smoothly?

Not keeping your site up to date leaves you open to hackers and thieves looking to steal your customers’ data and worse.

Get your free healthcheck now

I-COM’s Magento Healthcheck tool can quickly scan your website and let you know if you have any vulnerabilities. It checks for the following:

  1. Magento patches;
  2. SSL issues;
  3. Performance issues including oversized images and slow page response times which can cause problems for customers and reduce search engine visibility.

Once the scan is complete, we will provide you with a report detailing your issues in order of priority with a short explanation of the problem.

If you’re unsure of what to do next, then I-COM is on hand to help. Our developers are experienced in helping businesses fix problems with Magento sites and part of our retained service involves keeping sites up to date with security patches and Magento upgrades. You can contact us on 0161 390 0125 with any questions and we can offer support to your internal team or provide a quote on completing any work ourselves.

Fill out the form below and click the ‘BEGIN SCAN’ button to allow us to comprehensively scan your site for many vulnerabilities you may not be aware of, but should be...

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Who’s it for?

If you’re running a Magento website, then this tool is for you. Whether you’re a site owner, a web developer or a digital marketer looking to improve site performance, our Magento Healthcheck tool can help you identify potential problems with your website.

It’s free to use, so why not give it a try and reassure yourself that your website isn’t exposed to hackers?

what's included?


  • Security Patch 5994 (Admin Disclosure)
  • Security Patch 5344 (Shoplift)
  • Security Patch 6285 (XSS, RSS)
  • Security Patch 6482 (XSS)
  • Security Patch 6788 (Secrets Leak)
  • Security Patch 9767 (Secrets Leak)
  • Credit Cart Hijack
  • Cacheleak Vulnerability
  • Unprotected Development Files
  • SSL Certificate Check
  • Ransomware
  • Gurulnc Javascript Hack
  • Outdated Magento Version
  • Unprotected Version Control
  • Unmaintained Server
  • Default / Admin Location
  • Unprotected Version Control
  • Unprotected Magmi



You can get in touch by using the contact details below or by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

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