12th June 2019

ENGAGE, DON'T ENRAGE: How to Interact with Customers

Rebecca Dudley

Back in 2017, our brand marketing team conducted a survey that looked into how consumers in the UK were affected by brand voice. Quite a lot has changed since then, including the introduction of GDPR legislation, which marked a shift in consumer awareness about how companies use their data for marketing.

We originally identified that consumers don't tend to like when an e-commerce brand is over-familiar with them, but now we're hearing that:

  • 79% of consumers want to see that brands care, before considering a purchase (Wantedness)
  • 64% of millennials value “anticipation and customisation of the experience� based on their historical transaction data over privacy concerns (Genesys)

Essentially, consumers in 2019 are more and more concerned about data privacy, about corporate social responsibility (CSR) and about how brands present themselves online.

With this in mind, we're running another survey to find out more about how you can update and improve your marketing communications to ensure you are interacting with consumers in the best way possible. In the survey, we'll be asking consumers about their preferences for sharing data, how they expect brands to handle complaints, whether your paid adverts are having the desired effect and much more.

Take the survey

It won't take too long, and you could be the lucky winner of a £50 Amazon voucher. If you're interested in receiving the results of this survey, please leave your contact details in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

If you're concerned about your tone of voice, or the kind of approaches you're using to engage with customers, stay tuned as we'll be sharing the results from our research in the coming months. If you can't wait until then, and want to speak to one of our experts about our approach to e-commerce with brand marketing, get in touch with the team today on 0161 390 0124 or contact us here.

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