24th September 2019

We're Supporting the World's First National Campaign to Save Sewers and Seas



We've joined forces with drainage solutions provider Lanes Group plc to launch a world-first initiative that aims to halt the environmental damage caused by flushing and pouring dangerous items and liquids into the nation’s drains.

Large proportions of the British public continue to pour cooking oil, cooking sauces and food down their sinks; and tampons, wet wipes and condoms down their toilets. This leads to serious drain blockages, dangerous fatbergs forming in sewers, foul-waste flooding and plastic pollution in the UK’s rivers and seas.

What Does Unblocktober Want?

We developed Unblocktober as a month-long, government agency-backed environmental initiative designed to raise awareness of this issue and encourage a change in the British public’s behaviour.

Participants must commit to not putting 16 items or liquids down their sinks or toilets throughout October, including wet wipes, tampons, cooking oil and food - even crumbs.

The first of its kind, this is the latest multi-channel marketing initiative that we've created and led for Lanes Group, following the award-nominated Fatberg Fighter and Sinner or Binner? hidden plastics campaign.

Why Unblocktober?

Lanes Group witnesses the damage caused by the nation’s careless treatment of drains and sewers first-hand every single day - the company estimates that it works on 400-600 fatberg-related projects each month.

But putting dangerous items down the drain doesn’t just affect our vital sewer network, it also leads to plastic pollution in our rivers and seas, which is currently at the forefront of the public’s attention.

Unblocktober, therefore, aims to solve not one, but two critical environmental issues in one go, by driving small but impactful behavioural changes in the British public.

What is I-COM's Involvement?

To support the launch and delivery of Unblocktober, we designed and built a custom website - unblocktober.org - where users can find out more about the initiative and sign up as individuals or as a company, as well as a host of free creative assets, including a resource pack.

We also led a multi-channel marketing campaign that encompasses content, PR, outreach, video, email, social media, relationship management, and much more!

Since launching the campaign, over 1,000 individuals and businesses have signed up to participate, and we also secured the backing of the Love Water initiative, which unites over 40 of the country’s biggest water companies, regulators and organisations, including the Environment Agency and Water UK.

Raising Awareness and Changing Habits

Over the past four years we’ve spent working with Lanes Group, we’ve made significant strides in contributing to the public’s growing awareness of fatbergs and what should and shouldn’t go down our drains. In fact, awareness is arguably higher than ever before.

But the crucial next step is to encourage people to act on that awareness and actually change their habits. What good is it everyone knowing what shouldn’t go down their drains if they’re going to continue putting dangerous stuff down there anyway?

An awareness month, in which people and businesses are compelled into action and can actively contribute to reducing a problem that is weighing heavily on the public consciousness, is the perfect opportunity to inspire environmental change.

We are hugely excited to launch Unblocktober - an excitement shared by the many official partners backing the campaign - and we can’t wait to see the impact it has.

Get Involved

Interested in signing up as a business or individual? Visit unblocktober.org and sign up today.

What I-COM Can Do For You

Unblocktober is a multi-channel digital and offline marketing campaign, that incorporates the very best of I-COM's many services. In its design, development and implementation we incorporated:

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