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The Client

Lanes for Drains (Lanes) is the largest privately owned drainage and wastewater utility specialist in the UK, employing over 2,200 staff in 25 depots and a range of utility hubs across the country.

The company is one of the leading voices in the sector for raising awareness and encouraging action to prevent two critical environmental issues: the development of fatbergs in sewers, and plastic pollution in water courses.

Lanes asked us to create a corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaign that would encourage the public to help prevent these issues, while also raising brand awareness of the company.


To achieve these goals, I-COM devised Unblocktober - the world's first national campaign and awareness month aimed at improving the health of our drains, sewers, watercourses and seas.

Launched in July 2019, Unblocktober participants committed to putting nothing down their drains or toilets except for water, pee, poo and toilet paper. The singular objective was to encourage the public to take action, without which these damaging environmental issues will worsen.

We knew that if people adopted different habits for a month, they'd be more likely to develop into permanent habits. So the concept was simple: make small changes to your kitchen and bathroom habits for one month to have a big impact on the environment.

Unblocktober - website and campaign designed by I-COM for Lanes

What We Did

Branding, Website Design and Website Development
We began by designing, developing and populating a single-page, mobile-responsive website with eye-catching logo. The website was an integral part of the campaign, acting as a hub where people could learn more about the issues and register to take part

Branded Assets
Branded assets included a video, social media frames, badges and certificates for participants to use and display, as well as resource packs for businesses and individual registrations

Email Marketing
We designed and set up an automated email marketing campaign to trigger after participants registered on the site, delivering the resource packs automatically, alongside encouraging and inspirational messaging to build and sustain momentum before, during and after October. 

Social Media Marketing
We set up the Unblocktober Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channels, with support from paid social media advertising, to attract supporters and encourage engagement from participants

PR & Outreach
We conducted a PR and outreach campaign to spread the word, and reached out to environmental groups, businesses and utility companies to gather official support

Email Marketing
Social Media Frames
Paid Adverts

Campaign Success

Through word of mouth, the Environment Agency and Water UK got in touch with I-COM to find out how Unblocktober could work in tandem with their Love Water campaign, allowing us access to Love Water partners such as the Marine Conservation Society, The National Trust, Ofwat and many more.

After Unblocktober ended, 86% of participants said they were able to avoid putting FOG down their drains every single day during the initiative.

92% stated they avoided flushing items containing ‘hidden plastics’ every day.

The Results

Over 4,500 people from across the UK signed up to take part in Unblocktober in 2019.

The 45+ organisations that lent their official support to the campaign included:

  • Thames Water
  • The Rivers Trust
  • Surfers Against Sewage

50 pieces of coverage, including features on ITV and BBC news.

An estimated 1.5 million people reached on social media. The Unblocktober platforms achieved 335.2k impressions, 10.5k engagements and 2.5k link clicks.

14,000 visitors to the the Unblocktober website between July and December 2019.

Unblocktober has proved so successful that I-COM expects to make it an annual event, with ongoing an email marketing, PR and outreach campaign. 


1.5 million
People Reached on Social Media
Visitors to the Unblocktober Website
People Took Part in Unblocktober