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The Brief

Lupton Fawcett is a large, full-service law firm based in Yorkshire. They appointed us to redesign and rebuild their website in order to modernise the brand, they wanted to ensure the site was mobile-friendly and incorporate the content from what had previously been on multiple sites into one centralised, corporate site.

The challenges

Lupton Fawcett needed to target multiple audiences with their broad range of services including individuals, businesses and the Church of England. They wanted to convey their Yorkshire roots while continuing to maintain a relationship with clients brought to the business from the merger of three different law firms. They also needed to ensure that the content on the site reflected the full range of services.

The Approach

The redesigned site gives more guidence on the full range of services offered by Lupton Fawcett, informing visitors that in addition to offering legal advice to businesses and private individuals, they specialise in a number of sectors. With a bright, modern appearance, the site converts seamlessly to work on any device and makes it easy for visitors to find the right service quickly through a unique approach to the search box which invites visitors to type in what they want to achieve on the site.

Mobile Wireframing

Twitter Banners

Cycling Microsite

Ongoing Developments

Lupton Fawcett - The Outcome

The Outcome

The new design has, in particular, made the site much easier to use for mobile users and this has led to an increase in mobile traffic of 28%, and an increase in conversions from mobile of a whopping 64%.

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After a website redesign carried out by the I-COM team, Lupton Fawcett has had an increase in enquiries and in cases.

Having seen the benefit of a strong web presence the law firm has put together a web champions team to drive site content and build the brand’s social media presence, according to our guidance of appropriate digital marketing for a law firm.

We were attracted to I-COM for two main reasons; firstly we felt they had strength across our development and build requirements paired with strong SEO capabilities and secondly because they understood our sector which really stood them apart. When we got to the stage of spec’ing out the project I was very impressed by the quality of our account manager who was knowledgeable, pro-active and great to work with. The whole I-COM team were very good at “keeping it real” with an understanding of our needs and pressures, paired with an ability to explain the technology at just the right pitch neither too techy or too simply. The comments that people think “the site looks good” are nice to hear; but even more pleasing is to see it achieve its main goal of generating new work; which it has certainly done, thus making the business case for further investment a bit of a no-brainer.
Neil Cormack
Head of Marketing and Business Development, Lupton Fawcett