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The Brief

Full-service law firm Bray & Bray appointed us to help build a new, mobile-responsive website and subsequently drive more web traffic through a digital marketing campaign.

The Challenge

Bray & Bray wanted a unique website design to break away from the standard appearance of a solicitor's site but was still identifiable to visitors, and professionals. In addition, they wanted to drive more local traffic to their website, in particular they wanted to increase the number of personal injury cases they obtained from the web.

The Approach

We used bold, inspirational background imagery to move Bray & Bray away from the usual header imagery used by legal firms. We then optimised the site specifically for local search and worked to build out the personal injury and family law sections of the website. We were then able to increase the number of potential searches, as well as enabling us to begin promoting the firm off-site.

Bray and Bray - the Outcome

The Outcome

The marketing campaign drove an increase in visitors of 36%. But even more significantly, the new, mobile and user-friendly site had a 67% increase in the conversion rate, which meant a 127% increase in the number of visitors filling in a contact form.

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  • VISITORS 36%

We worked on implementing and developing a new web design for law firm Bray & Bray, ensuring it was mobile-responsive and able to drive higher levels of traffic.

The digital marketing we did for this law firm, alongside the new website work, helped to increase conversion rate by 67% and the amount of visitors to the site by 36%. Bray & Bray are now able to utilise their website fully, to continue the growth of their business online.

In my experience of working with website designers, CMS providers, hosting companies and SEO experts, I have found that in my relatively short time of working with ICOM, the skill levels, professionalism and general likeability is excellent. Nothing is too much trouble to explain and the members of the team that I have worked with always welcome my ideas and input when working together to improve our website.

Hannah Wellings
Marketing Manager Bray and Bray