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The Brief

Ossur designs, manufactures and sells high-end braces and supports. These products help to aid recovery from injury as well as to help prevent injury while participating in sport.

Ossur’s overriding objective was to increase the conversions and revenue that they were generating from the site to support their expansion. In order to achieve this, they engaged I-COM to build a new e-commerce website, provide consultancy and ongoing marketing support to help them drive traffic to the site, create brand awareness and increase sales.

The approach

We redesigned and rebuilt the Ossur webshop, making it responsive, user friendly and better enabling Ossur to integrate rich content on the site more readily into the information architecture. We also helped them review and revise old content and links that had led to a dip in search visibility.

We took a collaborative approach with Ossur to help plan their content strategy and to advise on technical SEO and UX requirements. Ossur’s internal team then implemented on-site work while I-COM focused on PR and outreach to drive traffic to that content.

The results

The technical SEO and outreach work enabled Ossur’s organic search traffic to grow by 457% year-on-year.

The traffic to the newly designed injury information section grew by 691%. This increase in visitors had a huge impact on revenue. Year-on-year, transactions increased by 19% and revenue by over 23% - which includes a 40% increase in revenue from organic search.

Our Google Shopping PPC campaign designed to drive up sales had an immediate positive impact on revenue, displaying product and price clearly to the customer.

Ossur - The Outcome

The impact

The new site not only showcases the product ranges more clearly but it also showcases informational content that offers an explanation of common injuries requiring bracing as well as recommendations for treatment.

This provides content to capture potential customers’ attention during the research phase of the buying cycle, leading to a growth in organic search traffic and increases in ROI.

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We spoke with a number of agencies in the North West as part of our due diligence and from our first meeting I-COM stood out. They had the knowledge and the experience which was a huge advantage, but more than this they created a relaxed environment where they wanted to learn from us and were happy to teach us to ensure we got what we needed and maximised our budget. Our projects have been handled professionally throughout and post-launch we have seen our marketing activities yield huge financial returns which is a credit to the account management and digital teams. The greatest asset with I-COM is that I can pick up the phone or come into the office and it doesn’t feel like I am visiting our agency but an extension of our internal team who all have the same goals and expectations as we do.
Michael Core
CRM & Online Marketing Executive, Ossur UK