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The Challenge

Evaris (formerly King of Servers) is a B2B e-commerce business selling servers and IT hardware. During the first 12 months of successful marketing, the business grew rapidly. The next challenge was to generate more high-value orders to hit increasingly ambitious revenue targets.

The Approach

To hit Evaris's targets, I-COM initiated an integrated content marketing campaign consisting of PR, outreach, copywriting and SEO, with the intention of raising brand awareness and building trust among their growing customer base, which would drive repeat business and lead to increased average order values.

the execution

To convey Evaris’ quality of service, we improved the onsite copy, implemented changes to improve site functionality - leading to an enhanced customer experience - and ran an ongoing PR campaign through which Evaris offered expert commentary on IT-related issues.

Additionally, it was important from an SEO standpoint to strengthen the site's trustworthiness in order to improve it's organic visibility. To do so we implemented the Feefo third party review service model and introduced a rolling banner on the homepage detailing the brands that Evaris stocks. In addition, we added case studies and created a Knowledge Centre, helping to convert customers from ‘research mode’ into ‘buying mode’.

Learn how we drove up average basket values and conversions and how you can apply the same approaches to your website, by completing the form to download the full case study PDF.

The Outcome

Conversion rate up 59%
Live chats up 87%
Repeat business up from 20% to 43%
Revenue up 45% year on year

Want to know more?

Download the full detailed Evaris case study to learn more about the specific techniques and approaches used and how they can help you.




Price Match System

I-COM has been first class in understanding our business, our market and our audience. It’s through this understanding that they’ve been able to deliver such a successful strategy that has resulted in phenomenal growth. They have combined innovation with effective marketing techniques that have built our business in a sustainable way. Whilst it can be easy to get quick, short-term results, I-COM has used their expertise to execute a long-term strategy that has grown our business substantially.
Albie Attias,
E-commerce Director, Evaris