2nd March 2021

I-COM Podcast: Building an Ecommerce Brand with a Clear Value Proposition

Ryan Cunningham

Today's episode is with Gail Hounslea the Founder, and Managing Director of Ladderstore.com.

In this Podcast we explore:

  • Gails search for a career that would work around the family
  • The sparks and obstacles of working with Amazon
  • The pros, cons, and rise of virtual site consultations due to the covid crisis
  • The long-term pay-off from communicating a value proposition
  • The benefits of peer-to-peer learning when building an e-commerce business

Gail started her first e-commerce business all the way back in 1999 (when just 5 years earlier the very first online sale was processed...it was the purchase of a Sting CD in 1994 for those who are interested), only a few of us had mobile phones, and social media didn't exist.

Fast forward to 2021, Ladderstore are a specialist in all things to do with working at height safely, providing a wide range of working at height solutions for both business and personal use. Alongside this, Gail is the current Chair of the Ladder Association the not-for-profit industry body responsible for advancing safety and best practice in the ladder industry.

In this candid conversation, Gail speak about the importance of voluntary work, the sense of accomplishment, and the power of not simply offering just financial support - but transferring skills learnt in business to help local charities in the Bolton area reach positive outcomes during the challenges of 2020.

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