8th February 2021

I-COM Podcast: E-commerce for a Family Business

Ryan Cunningham

This episode is with e-commerce manager Daniela Pisciottano from Woodland Leathers which goes under the title of 'digital marketing for a third generation family business’ and describes how their e-commerce operation had to evolve.

We deal with 'coping with Covid' and the changes in consumer buying behaviour during the first lockdown, the subsequent retailing challenges, and how they actually had an increase in sales.  

In this episode we discuss the challenges faced in 2020 and how the growing trend towards sustainable fashion led to marketing their leather repairs service to keep customers coming through their virtual doors. 

With growing sales and demand on third party platforms such as Etsy, Amazon, and Ideal World,  we can expect to hear a lot more of Woodland Leathers after recently celebrating their 50 year anniversary and Daniela's ability to call on her previous experience as a journalist. 

A thoroughly enjoyable discussion with one of the UK's brightest e-commerce retailers.