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The Brief

Christy tasked us with improving traffic to their websites (UK & US) to help them grow their revenue. They also wanted to broaden their customer demographic from the 65+ age group by reaching a younger market.

The Approach

We employed a combination of technical SEO to ensure that search engines found the Christy site as search-friendly as possible; content marketing and blogger outreach to help grow brand awareness among the 25-64 age market, as well as pay-per-click advertising.

The Results

We helped Christy to grow its revenue online by 47%. In addition, the number of customers outside of the 65+ age group increased significantly, in particular revenue from people aged 45-54 grew by 60%; revenue from people aged 55-64 grew by 70%; and revenue from people aged 35-44 grew by 84%.

Christy - The Outcome

The Outcome

The technical work we carried out helped not only to grow the traffic and overall revenue, but our advice regarding mobile traffic helped to increase revenue from mobile by 67%.

After two years of working with Christy, we maintain a successful blogger ambassador scheme, utilising top-tier bloggers to create a series of downloadable guides, and continue to expand the Christy brand reach, in particular to people in the 45-64 age range.

We have also helped to launch the Christy brand in the U.S., providing SEO consultancy on the website and carrying out a blogger outreach campaign to raise brand awareness.

  • SESSIONS 17%
  • REVENUE 47%

Christy had lacked confidence in the ability of the website to drive sales. The results from our work convinced the directors that they should focus more attention online.

This has led to the development of a web marketing team which is working closely with us to build upon the current success and improve revenues further. We also helped the brand to launch in the US, a move which has greatly increased brand awareness.

What has stood out about I-COM is their ability to work with us and dedicate a great deal of time, and attention to detail- to achieve the best possible return. As a client it is easy to forget the intricate in-depth knowledge that we have of our products we take for granted that can be the mechanics of a successful campaign and I really feel I-COM have spent the time getting to grips with the Christy towel and bed linen collection ensure they have the knowledge to deliver a successful campaign.
Honey Wilson-Artus
E-Commerce Manager, Christy Towels (Welspun)