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The Brief

Jonathan Fawcett are suppliers of linen, towels and accessories to superyachts, residences and private planes. They approached us for help re-branding their business, as well as the creation of a website which reflected their brand and the high quality of the products they supply.

The Challenges

Jonathan Fawcett supplies high end, luxury items to an extremely discerning market, so the website had to visually convey this message without having to drive the point home by repeatedly mentioning the words "luxury," "quality," and other synonyms.

The Approach

We chose a clean, simple design, focused on close-up lifestyle images of the products to convey the feeling of freshness and luxury that people hope to feel upon stepping out of the shower and grabbing a soft, fluffy towel, or when climbing into fresh sheets. The understated text conveys confidence in the high end quality of the products and service that Jonathan Fawcett delivers.


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Product Brochure

Jonathan Fawcett - The Outcome

The Results

The site has not only performed better in search, it has enabled Jonathan Fawcett to increase enquiries through the collateral they distribute at shows and exhibitions. This led to a 144% increase in users as well as a 30% increase in pages per session and a 24% increase in session duration as visitors are spending more time looking at the examples of products on the site.

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  • USERS 144%

The re-branding and web design project helped Jonathan Fawcett to think about the way the business operates and what really matters to their clients.

Since the site launched, they have established a purpose built showroom which allows them to showcase their product and service alongside sister company Kevin Glancy.

Thank you for the absolutely fantastic job that you have done for Jonathan Fawcett Limited. I am extremely grateful for everything that you have done for us during the last few months. I-COM has given us exciting new direction and at the same time captured the aspects of the company that are worth preserving. Business is so often about making choices, and we definitely made the right decision in choosing I-COM!
Jonathan Fawcett
Director, Jonathan Fawcett Ltd