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Wouldn’t it be great to capture people’s attention before they’re even looking for your products or services and build a relationship with them that’s so strong that you’re the first business they consider when they finally need to make a purchase?

Whether your business is e-commerce or service based, using a combination of email marketing drip campaigns and marketing automation, you can personalise the way you communicate with prospective customers, making it more likely that they go on to become customers.

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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a suite of tools that helps companies to generate and manage leads through the sales funnel as well as measure the success of marketing campaigns. A marketing automation platform generally includes an email client, CRM integration, analytics and lead scoring.

You can use marketing automation to see what your prospects are doing on your website and then tailor the emails you send them based on the pages they visit and the products they view.

Why Invest in Marketing Automation?

Capturing people’s attention by offering them genuine help to solve their pain points - at the top of the consumer decision funnel when they are not necessarily looking for the service you offer - can enable you to capture their details and then nurture them through the decision process.

Marketing automation, along with a combination of great content, paid, organic and social promotion of that content, and email marketing, can help a business to build strong ties with prospective customers by providing them with information that hooks them in and then helps them at key points during their journey.

You can also use marketing automation to retain current customers by using email marketing and automation to maintain contact with them in a way that encourages them to return to the website, engage on social media and make repeat purchases.

What are the Stats?

We’ll admit that marketing automation is quite the buzzword at the moment, but there’s a reason for that. Some of the stats we’ve seen include:

  • 47% higher revenue comes from nurtured leads.
  • Overall sales revenues are on average 34% higher when using marketing automation.
  • Marketing automation is 2x more effective than just email alone.
  • Conversion rates for businesses using automation are 53% higher than for businesses that do not.

With results like these, if you’re already doing email marketing, you should upgrade to marketing automation and if you’re not doing email marketing, then why not?

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