Sharing is Caring

Your customers are using social media everyday - in the UK, people spend a combined 33 million hours on Facebook each day and in addition, 11.7 million UK residents spend over an hour a day on Twitter. When looking to keep your current customers loyal and to build your customer base further, it’s imperative that you reach people in the places they spend the most time - but links to your content may not even appear high enough in the feeds of your followers for them to notice it unless you pay.

As more people join social media networks and follow more pages, your reach as a business is steadily decreasing. The only way to ensure you get eyes on your content is through social advertising.

I-COM can create a comprehensive social advertising strategy to reach your customers on the social platforms they use most - whether it’s Facebook and Twitter or whether your customers are on Reddit or Stumbleupon. Each campaign is designed to fulfil a specific goal, whether that is growing your social media following, raising brand awareness, capturing leads, encouraging social shares or otherwise.

Platforms we support include:

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, StumbleUpon, YouTube, Outbrain

Social media advertising works best when you combine display ads promoting your brand and offering with ads to promote individual pieces of content, targeted at specific segments of your audience.

We’ll look at your key products and services and your main messages and build a display campaign which shows for your target market to get you inside their consciousness and drive traffic to your website. At the same time, we will look to run a series of additional mini-campaigns to support your content marketing efforts, promote specific competitions or sales and induce specific actions from your target demographic. This ensures that you remain in front of your target demographic, while at the same time providing them with helpful and engaging information.

I-COM’s Social Advertising campaigns are managed jointly by our paid advertising experts and our social media specialists. Making use of the expertise of optimising paid campaigns as well as our understanding of how to build engagement on social platforms means that your paid social campaign will have the best possible chance of exceeding expectations.

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