22nd July 2021

Why You Might Need to Do Less SEO for Better Results

Mike Blackburn

Over the years, we’ve worked with a lot of SEO consultants in the team at I-COM, at varying levels of experience and with a range of different backgrounds. I’ve learned, both in my own career development and through the ongoing training and development I’ve done with the team, that the skillset that makes a good SEO is often contrary to the commercial needs of our clients.  This is at times exacerbated by the fact that as we learn our technical and marketing skillset, we are often not taught to think commercially or to empathise with the needs of our clients.

A member of our team Mindy Gofton recently delivered a talk to BrightonSEO.  It’s about understanding what your clients, whether they are internal or external clients, want to achieve and putting together the right mix of activities to demonstrate value in the short term while always pushing to achieve those long-term marketing goals. Sometimes it simply makes more sense to sacrifice technical perfection for other marketing activities which will reach the desired result more quickly, or which the client feels are more valuable. It’s also deeply important not to work in a silo but to understand that you can reach your clients’ end goals more quickly by bringing in a mix of marketing activities.

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