Overheard at I-COM

How do you know when you work in an agency? When you overhear nonsense like this spouted in all seriousness:

1. This is possibly the best pork pie I’ve had all weekend


2. James Brown

James Brown?

The divorce lawyer, not the now-deceased Godfather of soul.

James Brown


3.  “Will you judge me if I Instagram my lunch?”



“It’s a Tesco meal deal.”


4.  “If you could be any era of Cher, which one would you be?”

[Much debate about Cher’s better years]

“I’d be 80s Cher, and I’d roll in on a cannon.”



5. [To the new guy] “Hi, I’m sort of like the Birthday co-ordinator.”

[The new guy] “Oh. OK.”

[To the new guy] “Yeah. Sorry we forget your Birthday, but here’s your card”. 


6. I know a guy who got his girlfriend an eight grand engagement ring.

EIGHT GRAND!?...That’s a house!