We live in a world where we’re told that looks don’t matter, but in the world of web design, they most certainly do. When your website's credibility is largely based on aesthetics, it’s pretty important to make sure your website not only looks good but is user-friendly, too.

At I-COM, our web designers take the time to understand your brand, it’s voice and your customers. Once the team have an in-depth understanding of this, they can design a site that is perfectly tailored to you and your customers' needs. We pride ourselves on creating a beautiful, seamless experience for any device, such as phones, tablets and desktops.

To speak to a friendly member of the team about your web design needs, call us today on 0161 402 3170 or head over to our online contact form and we’ll get back to you.

What is web design?

Web design is the process of planning out the look and feel of your website. This careful process includes making key decisions on the fonts, colours, graphics, images and layout on your site. The end result is to make a beautiful website that reflects your brand in the best possible way and is perfectly tailored to your target audience's needs.

Why is it so important?

A badly designed website is like having a shop with the windows and doors boarded up. No one is going to want to come in, let alone buy anything.

In fact, over two-thirds of people would rather visit a beautifully designed website over something plain. That’s why we carefully plan each detail of every website we make in order to create something that is visually pleasing, credible and, most importantly, gives the user a great experience.

How we work

We always follow a three-step process to ensure that you are informed and happy throughout the creation of your site:

  • Consultation: a member of our team will sit down with you to gain a better understanding of your needs, including the look and feel of your ideal website.
  • Planning: based on those ideas, we will create a full scoping document that will outline delivery and sign-off dates, as well as other important things to note. We will also share a few initial ideas and designs with you to ensure you’re happy with our ideas
  • Building : once we’ve got the go ahead, we will work hard to make sure your website successfully comes to life

Who do we do it for?

We have worked with all types of businesses on a range of design work, from putting together a simple brochure site to a complete rebrand including designing logos, imagery, and offline collateral such as business cards, stationery, conference stands, etc.

Regardless of your business or venture, the design team at I-COM can help you create something beautiful.

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What has stood out about I-COM is their ability to work with us and dedicate a great deal of time, and attention to detail- to achieve the best possible return. As a client it is easy to forget the intricate in-depth knowledge that we have of our products we take for granted that can be the mechanics of a successful campaign and I really feel I-COM have spent the time getting to grips with the Christy towel and bed linen collection to ensure they have the knowledge to deliver a successful campaign.

Honey Wilson-Artus
E-commerce Manager Christy Towels (Welspun)