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I’ve been working in marketing for a long time and over the years I've seen some pretty out-there job titles - but now they’re just getting ridiculous.

It’s hard enough going through the extensive process of applying for jobs without the extra task of deciding what the job title actually means.

Take Marketing President for example. Seriously, will I have to produce a campaign and go through an election just to get this job? And I bet the pay isn’t enough to get Obama out of bed in the morning.

And what about Chief Blogger? Sorry, but can’t anyone and everyone blog? I’m writing one now and I’ve not been trained, especially not to chief level! I wonder how you even get to be Chief, do you start at Warrior and work your way up?

Here are some other crazy job titles I’ve come across...

Director of Storytelling – Do not get stuck in a room with this person after a bad night’s sleep – you’ll be curling up and snoozing in no time.

Fun Officer – Does a company really need someone dedicated to creating (forcing) ‘fun’? Could the money be used for something else, like taking the team out for drinksor having a free lunch Friday? That sounds like more fun to me.

Data Wizard – Scary or extremely boring? You decide! On the other hand, if I accidentally lose (delete) some data, I’m definitely blaming the wizard and their weird spells.

Oh, and these will just make you chuckle: