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With our upcoming 'E-commerce International Business’ event just around the corner, e-commerce has been a popular subject in the office of late. So in anticipation for the big day on Wednesday 14th October, we went around the digital marketing team and asked people what their favorite e-commerce website is, and the reasons behind their choice.

We received some interesting suggestions around the office, with a variety of reasons of why. After lots of discussion, we can now proudly present I-COM’s top 10 e-commerce websites.


An office favourite, ASOS is first on our list of e-commerce sites getting it right. ASOS always provides a seamless experience for their customers. With a huge range of brands available, it’s everybody's one-stop-shop for their fashion needs. This is why ASOS are currently dominating the e-commerce fashion market, and rightly so.

Our favourite feature: ASOS transformed the way we view products by introducing their innovative catwalk on each product page. We’re particularly fond of this feature, as it gives the customer a better experience when buying a product.

2. Graze Box

Graze Box is a big player in the ever-growing trend of subscription based e-commerce websites. Graze’s website features large, hi-res images on a simple, easy-to-navigate website, which makes Graze a UX dream.

Our favourite feature: Graze lets its customers score the snacks they do or do not like. The rating system means customers receive a box they’ll enjoy, but they still get to enjoy the element of surprise with randomised snacks that have been pre-chosen for them. And that’s enough to brighten up anyone’s Monday morning in the office.

3. Firebox

Firebox is a growing e-commerce company who sell funny and imaginative gifts, which is certainly reflected in their website. Firebox has mastered the art of embedding a few GIFs on its homepage, adding character to the site and demonstrating that they know exactly how to get the attention of their target audience.

Our favourite feature: The tongue-in-cheek copywriting within Firebox’s product pages certainly gets the nod of approval from us. This is perfectly demonstrated in the pun-packed product page description for the rather humorous Stress Sausage.

4. Argos

It might not be the most glamourous, but Argos features on our list of top e-commerce sites for a couple of very good reasons; its ability to check stock and the simple click and collect feature. These two functions make buying from Argos’s e-commerce site quick and uncomplicated. No muss, no fuss.

Our favourite feature: Easily our favourite feature is the ability to check the stock of any item in any store. Not only is this helpful when ordering online, but it’s saved a few of us in the office from wasted trips.

5. Poppin

If you want to see how email marketing from an e-commerce site should be done, sign up to Poppin’s emailing list now. This stylish stationery and office supply company knows what its customers want (primarily cool, modern products and discount codes), and give it to them. This is all wrapped up in a well designed website that leaves us wanting to return to the site time after time.

Our favourite feature: Poppin’s ability to search all products by colour alone is a fantastic feature. Always handy when a company wants to stick to its brand colours when shopping for supplies.

6. Amazon

We couldn’t do a list of top e-commerce websites without featuring the big daddy itself, Amazon. Amazon is such a big hit simply due to its huge range of stock. If you want it, they will (probably) have it. And then be able to purchase it with ease.

Our favourite feature: The ability to buy and pay for an item in just one tiny, simple click. It can be dangerous, but my god it’s effective. Of course, we have to give special mention to Amazon’s nifty app, the catalyst to most of our dinner time purchases. Oh, and wishlists!

7. Schuh

Schuh earned its place in our list due to its information rich product pages. Schuh really wants its customers to know everything about the product they are buying. That’s why they provide eight images, a 360-degree view and a video to display every single angle of each shoe they sell.

Our favourite feature: Once you’ve decided you like every angle of your new shoes, you can choose to have your shoes delivered to your home or office within 90 minutes. We’re living in the future, people.

8. AO

AO is another contender for providing the best product pages in our e-commerce list. Its huge list of technical specifications for each product means you are well informed before making a purchase. This reassures customers when they are about to take the plunge on a pricey item.

Our favourite feature: AO provides a Q&A for customers underneath every product it stocks. This feature gives anyone the ability to ask their desired question and leaves the answer there for all to see. AO paved the way with its product Q&As, and it really shows the retailer will go the extra mile for its customers.

9. Warby Parker

Warby Parker first caught our attention with its beautiful, simplistic website design and stock of quirky glasses. The use of high-resolution photography really grabs the customer’s attention and and makes the site a pleasure to browse.

Our favourite feature: We love the ability to try on five pairs of glasses for free, at home! Perfect for when you’ve got your eyes (geddit?) on a few pairs of glasses at once and want to properly try them out for a day or two.

10. Halfords

Halfords’ website is built with transparency in mind. With detailed customer reviews under each product as well as instructional videos, Halfords' customers can gain a real insight into its products. Halfords also features detailed search filters to make shopping on the website a relatively stress-free experience.

Our favourite feature: We’re particularly fond of the ability to compare the specifications of any product on the site. Always useful if you’re feeling indecisive that day.

So there you have it, our top 10 e-commerce sites that we think are doing things right. From information-packed product pages, to persuasive, high-resolution imagery, each one has well and truly earned its place on our list.

Do you agree with our staff’s picks? Which e-commerce websites would top your list, and why? Let us know in the comments below.