24th March 2014

Studertising - Top 5 Student Advertising Campaigns

Graham Allchurch

When you hear the term 'student', you may have a vision of a scruffy, baked-bean-eating, hungover youth huddling in an arctic student home and counting their pennies for the next quid night at the union. This, my friend, is an incorrect stereotype. As a student I am contributing to the £80 billion that is spent by UK students each year... and what does all of this spending mean? OFFERS!

I live amidst a constant bombardment of promotions/ads/freebies/discounts, so much so that it can be a little overwhelming at times. Now I'm a second year student (and profoundly more mature than my fresher days) I know what advertising campaigns we should be taking note of, and which are trying to con us vulnerable beings out of our hard-earned student loans.

Heres my list of the top five marketing campaigns targeted at students..

1. Free Pizza

For two weeks of the year, the Gods of pizza (yes, they are Gods) look down kindly on us mere students and bless us with completely free pizza. Yes, you heard me right. In Fresher's week and re-freshers week, you simply get down to the nearest Dominos; collect a voucher sheet from a rep outside and then queue up for your free pizza. It#s a no-brainer really.

2. Free Red Bull

If you haven't already realised, you will soon find out that Red Bull is just as important to student survival as oxygen and H2O. Whether it's your life support through an essay all-nighter, or to supply you with endless Vodbulls, it is essential.

The great news is that the kind folk at Red Bull understand this, and a few times throughout the year you may be lucky enough to receive a visit from the Red Bull milk float. Simply leave the pre-delivered cardboard holder outside, and you will wake to find a blessing of four cans of student energy supply. Could it be simpler?

3. BT Infinity

Some may think the BT Infinity ads have run their course, and that the overly-nice 'Flat 6' occupants need to be banned from our screens for good. They may be a little irritating and a far cry from the reality of student living, however the BT Infinity 9 month deal is ideal for those of us renting whilst at university. I personally don't mind the tongue-in-cheek ads, at least were being recognised as a demographic, a rarity with TV ads!

4. McDonalds FREE Cheeseburger/McFlurry

Junk food is another student lifeline, how else would you recover from a night of pound pints and jăger bombs? McDonalds have come up with the genius idea of giving students a free cheeseburger or mcflurry when you purchase any medium/large meal. All you have to do is show your student ID when purchasing your meal, what a deal!

5. Railcard

No matter how much you're enjoying your wild student lifestyle, you'll want to go home from time-to-time to catch up with family/friends and get a little TLC. This can be a costly experience if you're not organised enough to book train tickets well in advance.

Do not panic, there is a saviour called the 16-25 railcard. It costs £30 to buy, but you save a third on all journeys. Believe me, the savings soon accumulate! Better still, sites such as studentbeans.com and savethestudent.com often post offers to buy one for just £25.

So the next time you're feeling sorry for the strapped-for-cash students, remember that we're not all that badly off. If we play it wisely, we'll have enough food and energy drink offers to see us just nicely through our three years at university.