13th June 2017

Marketing Automation: Warming Up Sales Leads for Recruiters

Mike Blackburn

The hardest thing about a recruitment consultant's role is getting clients' jobs onto the books.

Wouldn't it be great if your website could automatically warm up leads so that when your consultant placed a call it would be welcomed by the prospect?

Marketing automation systems can help you achieve this, and much more, by managing communication based on your prospect's interaction with your online presence.

The presentation below demonstrates how you could win more briefs using marketing automation software.

(view presentation full screen using the embedded controls)

The potential use of automation is limited only by imagination, prospects can now be managed cost effectively through a workflow to the point that they're ready to bite.

If you're a recruiter wanting to build your presence as a marketing specialist, you could send out helpful guides on how to improve marketing performance. Your automation system would know who had read what and be able to send relevant follow up material helping you build awareness in your target market.

These systems used to be very expensive but now the costs have reduced dramatically so that the technology is within reach of any agency.

We've put together a very simple automation workflow demonstration for recruiters at www.i-com.net/auto-demo - take a look, see how it works and imagine what it could do for you.

Try it out.