3rd June 2020

Opening the Shutters: #MCRHUG

Mike Blackburn

It seems a very long time since everyone at I-COM started working from home. The truth is we’ve done very well and consistently delivered the work we’re committed to and achieved some great results for many of our clients.

However, what we’ve discovered in this time is that while we can do day-to-day tasks well enough, we’re not benefitting from those collaborative, water-cooler moments that help us take our business forward. We think it’s really important for us to get back together in a safe way to help us where Zoom simply isn’t enough.

For this reason, we are re-opening our office as of today, the 2nd of June. We’re not telling employees that they have to come into the office at this stage - we’re leaving it up to the individual to decide if they’re comfortable leaving their homes and to work out if they can travel safely. We’re very keen not to put a burden on public transport services so we’re advising our staff to try to travel in on foot, bike or private vehicle.

We've put in place a broad range of measures to help us make the office safe including a single hands-free entrance, hand-sanitising stations readily available, enhanced cleaning routines and well-spaced work stations.

We’ll be making our own little bubble and so, for now, we won’t be welcoming in any visitors.

Manchester seems to be slowly reawakening, although it feels that a little confidence boost is needed to reassure companies and consumers that the city can get back to business. We want to play our part and demonstrate that we’re open and ready for business.

Let’s #GetManchesterGoing #MCRhug