27th January 2020

New Year, New Website

Have you noticed? We’ve made some changes...

Last year saw us celebrate our 15-year anniversary and, in recognition and celebration of this momentous achievement, we decided it was time to shake things up a bit. The first big announcement came in August, when we revealed that I-COM has become an employee-owned business, with the establishment of an Employee Owned Trust. 


But this was just the beginning. Next up, we embarked on a complete overhaul of our historic Grade II-listed headquarters. We relocated into temporary offices for six months while floor space was added to the office area, our meeting rooms were upgraded and we were treated to a brand new kitchen and lounge area. This included comfy sofas, modern utensils and fittings, a snazzy island unit and bigger dining table - perfect for a more sociable and relaxed communal area.


There was just one last missing piece of the puzzle: the website. As digital marketing specialists, we know how important it is to keep up with technological advances and ensure we’re not just keeping pace with but surpassing the competition - after all, that’s what we recommend and do for our clients. Our old website, as much-loved as it was, was three years old - practically geriatric in digital marketing terms.

And with our brand new office unveiled in September, it was important for our online presence to reflect our physical space.

And so, we’ve worked hard these past few months on a complete redesign and upgrade of our website, which we’re proud to finally announce!


What Makes Our New Website So Special

Our new office is a contemporary, urban-themed space with splashes of creativity and individuality that depicts exactly who we are. And this is how we wanted the new website to look and feel. 

As we designed it, we introduced the new office colours, included lifestyle photography of the revamped rooms throughout, and paid homage to the building’s history with the use of exposed brickwork across the site.

In tandem with our web design, we also thought long and hard about which platform to use, carefully selecting Concrete5 - a super slick, mobile-friendly, easy-to-use and customisable website that offers a range of benefits to visitors and back-end users.


Perhaps the most exciting element is our new search function. At the top of every page there’s the option to search for whatever you’re looking for. And the results pull in a range of pages in order of relevancy - ‘PPC’ will bring in the service page, plus related blog posts, case studies and so on. Why not give it a go now?

Site Speed

2020 is the year of speed. While the page loading time of a website has long been a crucial element of SEO, Google upped the ante in November 2019 when it announced that it will soon be introducing page speed badges. This is Google’s way of letting users know in advance how speedy a website is, and slow sites are likely to lose valuable traffic if they don’t make improvements sharpish.

So, while the old I-COM website had a pretty decent site speed, the new one is much improved! Which is better for us, and even better for you, the user.


Tying into our new Search feature, Concrete5 also boosts a more advanced schema package. This is in the backend and allows you to add ‘microdata’ to your pages - this is a small piece of code that basically helps Google to better understand what the page is about. This is an obvious benefit, the better Google understands your page, the more improved your ranking will be. But further to this, adding schema markup may mean your page has a richer result in search results, with more information on show. A richer search result will increase the number of users who click through to the page. 

Fluid Layouts

As administrators of the site, one of the best features of the new platform is that it allowed us to create both template layouts for pages and also give us the option of building a page from scratch. With this dynamic flexibility, we can create an unlimited range of visual layouts, meaning each page will serve the content that we want to include, rather than us having to shoehorn content into an existing layout!

Animations and Blending

Of course, all this functionality would be a bit dull if the site didn’t look good! With the new website, we’ve introduced a range of animated elements - from gifs on our team page, to stand out rotating statistics for our case studies, and Photoshop-esque blending modules that push the boundaries of modern browsers in presenting colours in interesting and beautiful ways.

Find Out More

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