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As an A Level business studies and computing student who wants to broaden their knowledge in marketing, I requested to do work experience at I-COM. Thankfully I was accepted.

It didn’t get off to a great start when I was abandoned by my dad, giving me directions to the wrong building. Luckily someone came out to meet me. I was then taken to the board room where we discussed what I wanted from my experience.

I began to find out more about the company by producing a presentation. To complete this, I went round asking various people about their jobs. Fortunately, everyone was very welcoming, helpful and motivated by their work.

Soon after, I did some research into a current client by analysing their website and comparing it to its competitors. Afterwards, I worked on advertising for the business but was told my suggestions were not creative enough. I then had to think outside the box which was difficult and took some time but eventually got it done. I then pitched them and discussed them in more depth.

The highlight was being amongst people who were kind enough to spend time answering all of my questions so that my knowledge of the workplace has improved dramatically. The low point was definitely making cups of tea!

I have found this experience effective as I have found out about lots of jobs I didn’t know existed. I have improved my analysis skills and creative skills. As well as that, I have learnt about the processes that the business goes through with clients.

Finally, I would like to thank all the staff who I worked with, making my experience so enjoyable.