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My name's Eloise and I'm a placement student at I-COM. I was recently asked by my team to reflect on the past year I have spent at the agency, so here are my thoughts…


A placement year at I-COM… where do I start?

Firstly doing a year in industry has been the best decision I have made. Looking back I can’t remember too much about my first few weeks as it all happened relatively quickly, but everyone welcomed me into the agency and made me feel like part of the team.

I remember worrying at first that I had to understand all the ins and outs of coding before starting, which just shows how naïve I was before I came to I-COM - I didn't really realise all the different elements of a digital agency! I don’t think a lot of people are aware what agencies like I-COM actually do and their importance in the marketing sector.

What do you like about I-COM?

The people here! I love the fact it’s a big friendly bunch! Wherever you end up working, the atmosphere and environment play a massive part and this includes the relationship you have with your colleagues. There are some great personalities here which makes it an enjoyable working environment. Every company has ups and downs and miscommunication but I have always got the impression that I-COM are a close-knit, friendly team and I’m sure clients recognise that too.

What have you learnt about working in an agency?

There are so many skillsets that are all equally important and bind together (not just coding, ha!). It all fits in together. For instance, just look at how content supports social media marketing and SEO.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Keeping my desk tidy and not allowing masses of crumbs to pile up. There has definitely been a great improvement after my granola bag exploded…

I think the biggest challenge of working in an agency and I have recognised from others is working to an allotted amount of time within a clients paid hours. Things over lap or more urgent work may need to be prioritised, this can be unsettling but likewise a challenge which I suppose gives a bit more of a buzz to working in an agency and what its all about!

A favourite moment?

There have been lots of funny and favourite moments, including our regular desk antics - I sit with a crazy bunch of people on my table. Doing the Manchester 10k with other members of the team was challenging but a favourite moment of mine, and I have to say I loved I-COM's bake-off where delicious homemade cakes were baked and eaten in aid of charity. That was a yummy office day and a highlight of the year!

But on the serious side of things, going into client meetings and listening to the client is great, as it’s the only way you really learn why an agency is doing what they are doing in order to meet the client's needs and expectations. It also makes you want to work twice as hard for the client.

After your placement year what would you like to specialise in?

I would love to specialise more on the client side of things as I think it looks exciting rushing around to meetings and building relationships with the client. However, I am particularly interested in gaining some more knowledge in PR.

Myself and Becki have created a blog for our final year university work but we will also be blogging about life as a digital student, lifestyle etc and trying to rank higher than other students.... there will be more content soon :)