12th February 2016

#MancSAS Roundup

Mindy Gofton

I-COM was pleased to host the first official event for the reboot of #MancSAS, a meetup aimed at digital marketers in Manchester. The aim of these events is to enable local digital marketers to get together, exchange ideas, and hopefully learn something.

The idea of this week's event was to enable people looking to get some experience of public speaking (or to try out new ideas for talks) to deliver five-minute ‘lightning talks on a digital marketing subject'.

First up was Michael Cropper from Contrado Digital and Tendo Jobs. Michael's talk was all about delivering concrete examples, data and clear results in order to demonstrate the value of your digital marketing work to C-level decision makers.

See Michael's slides below:

Second was Daniel Morehead from CTI Digital. Daniel talked us through his process of finding good longtail keywords and how he works them into his strategies in order to get broader search visibility and drive additional traffic:

Third up was I-COM's own Jamal Atcha. Jamal's an expert in helping clients improve user engagement with their pages, and he talked the crowd through his process for identifying low performing pages and then understanding how to improve them.

Next was Ben Barker from Firecask. Ben ran us through a series of advanced search modifiers to help with media monitoring, link research and SEO auditing. He had some great examples of how to spot technical issues with websites by finding how Google has indexed them.

In a Firecask one-two, Rhys Wynne then talked us through the implementation and use of five WordPress plugins to use in addition to Yoast to help with optimisation. Based on the number of questions Rhys received, I expect there was probably more to say than his five minutes allowed!

Finally, Dawn Anderson from Move-it Marketing spoke about the concept of the whole brain marketer and then ran through some tools to help creative marketers be more technical and to help technically-minded marketers bring out their creativity. We've been playing with one of these, Crystal Knows, since Wednesday night and it's worth trying.

We'd like to thank everyone for coming down on Wednesday and look forward to the next event, in April, date, venue and details to be announced shortly in the #MancSAS Facebook group.

If you're interested in getting involved with the next event, or any future events, please get in touch.