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We all strive in business to find the perfect relationship with suppliers, staff, third parties we work with. Working closely with people in business is both as rewarding, and as fraught, as a romantic relationship. You have to find a partner that takes your fancy, flirt to get their attention and then, over time, get to know that partner in order to build a strong, lasting bond.

Even though communication, cooperation and equal partnership are central to any lasting relationship, often the agency-client relationship falls short. There are a number of reasons for this, but communication is often the big one, even ahead of results not being achieved or staff changes within the business. But it’s often hard to know that a relationship is doomed if the other person makes all the right noises at the start. It’s only over time, as you get to know each other, that you realise the partnership isn’t for the long-term.

Much like the breakup of a relationship, this type of falling out between agency and client leave the client in desperate need of finding a new digital partner to help fulfil its digital needs.

In a recent case at I-COM, we secured a significant contract win based on the client not being happy with the results they were achieving and the communication from their incumbent agency. This led to the client simply leaving the incumbent without having even secured a new agency partner.

Thankfully, here at I-COM, they came to us, and we gave them butterflies by demonstrating that we would be the perfect partner for their future digital needs. In fact, we’ve worked out a way to help you determine whether or not we’d make a good long-term squeeze through a simple test to help us get to know each other better.

So, if you find yourself in a position of not knowing if your agency still can achieve the results you desire, or if the communication has gone and you're on the lookout for someone new, take our love test to see if I-COM and you are the perfect match.